An older chap joining up.

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I am currently preparing myself for an application to join the army, though I am nearing the upper age limit. I am 30 at the moment but by the time of my application I will be 31. I know that the chances are I will get into to Phase One training before the age limit is reached but I am just interested in if anyone knows of many older entrants in Basic.

I was in the RN for a year back in 05 ( medically unfit for the Submarine service and so quit to join the army only to fail medical - no probs now) and there were a few trainees in their thirties but not that many. I am fit and do not think I will have any problems there but am a bit worried they will look at my age and the fact I failed my medical in 05 (lung capacity test) and refuse me straight out. Anybody have any views on this?
The army can be viewing candidates so selective now due to SDR. It will be on number of things - fitness, medical, potential, intelligence etc etc.

They will go through the whole process to see if you are up to scratch and make recomendations on those. Good luck but I dont envy you if you in the long time haul, I am near my end and creaking a lot at 38, so god knows what youll be like if you stay in till 53!
Well I guess your days have been slightly harder than mine and so creaks can be expected. I have to say my body is not exactly that of a 30yo. In fact I am expecting to be ripped over my age by the NCOs mainly for the fact I look more like I am 24. Maybe that will work to my advantage. Guess I will need a bit of luck on my side as well as my own ability.

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