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Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by mutley249, May 31, 2011.

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  1. ...A mate of mine has been found in possession of a Blue ray player, it's a civpol matter. He vows that he bought it legit via slagbay! Guy who he got it from has since stopped answering emails, phone is dead.

    I suggested going to fill the said prick in, but he is worried of the OB turning up.

    He has kept all the emails, which I think is enough. He is laying bricks though. Never thought I would ask advice from a monkey, but anything to soothe this baboons arse into sleep!
  2. Are they illegal, then?
  3. how did he pay? was it via paypal ?
  4. As much as like to plough 4 pounds of p4 up your rectile passage. I will go to the NAAFI for that ;)
  5. No, the ******* idiot met on the A1 at a layby!. I have told him he deserves an **** thrashing.

    I don't like seeing mates get fucked over though.
  6. tell him to write out I AM A COCK 100 times, and hand that in with all the emails printed out, also get him to print out the listing from ebay and anything else he has that proves it was from ebay and bought in good faith, he's lost his cash but hopefully wont get a stretch
  8. This sounds quite serious. It's not something minor like being an illegal immigrant, carrying a knife or being a serial burglar. These sentences carry a sentence of a wagging finger and stern telling off. Meeting someone in a layby to buy what was obviously stolen amounts to premeditated purchase of stolen goods. This carries a heavy sentence especially if he has no previous record. :)
  9. If he bought it in good faith he has an absolute defence against receiving. Doesn't mean he can keep it if it was indeed stolen.

    There should be zero issues if he can establish the good faith element (original ebay listing, emails, phone records (mobile bill) etc.). CPS wouldn't proceed if he can produce these.
  10. Advise him:
    1) Engage solicitor.
    2) Draft statement of matter and get solicitor to check it.
    3) Lodge copies of emails,'phone records and other evidence with said solicitor.
    4) Include in written statement why he met this joker in a layby etc to show good faith.
    5) Not to expand on statement to plod unless in presence of solicitor.

    This will probably cost a few quid but better than a conviction for receiving.
  11. "If he bought it in good faith"? I know it is a part of the law, but honestly, I'd be saying "So you thought someone was genuinely selling their own Blue-ray player by the side of the A1??!!

    I'd then give him 12 months for being a cock!