An officer for King?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by OldRedCap, Nov 19, 2004.

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  1. So - Harry is off to Sandhurst and William has just said he wants to do the same. Does not want any special treatment, wants to go with his chaps.
    So - why start off at Sandhurst? Why not go in like the chaps as a basic squaddie and work his way to being an orrificer.
  2. well unless you make all officers spend time in the ranks why single out harry?

    I'd guess that atleast 90% of officers have never been at the bottom of the ladder
  3. Because we don't want a King with 'love' and 'hate' tattooed on his knuckles and the inability to utter a sentence without using the word 'f*cking' four times.

  4. So we'd have a King who'd served his 20-odd years but left the Army at the age of 45 as an LE Captain and Families Officer of the Welsh Guards? Who only attended the world's foremost military academy for a fortnight's Vicars and Tarts Course?

    Respectable achievements, but in a King? No thanks.
  5. By going to Sandhurst the prince breaks the naval tradition of the rest of the family. I think that is a good thing for the Army. The problem I see is will the powers that be allow the new officer to deploy with his unit to a place like Iraq ? If he is able to serve without restriction then it will be a very good thing indeed.
  6. :D :D :D :D :D

    Excellent CP. Conjured up a marvelous mental image!!

    Would lead to some funny state openings of parliment though 8O
  7. Not strictly true - Her Majesty served as a subaltern in the ATS during the war. Prior to that she was made Colonel-in-Chief of the Grenadier Guards at the age of 15. :?

    Prior to that, though, she was in the Sea Scouts. :cry:
  8. Why not have dammed ranker for king. Think of the benefits he could fill in any poofy foreign state leaders who looked at him funny he would learn to steal cars drink 15 pints in one go spit in brews and to the most important skill of lying despite all the evidence to the contrary. Drug taking and getting into fights out side nightclubs will stet him in fine stead.
  9. Didn't Prince Andrew smell the smoke at one time?
  10. He did. Flew Sea-Kings during Falklands War, reportedly acted as Excocet "Decoy".
  11. indeed , he served in the Falkland War , that has earned my respect,
    Prince Charles has also served and commanded a ship he didn't go to war tho
  12. William seems a real down to earth bloke, quite humble infact. If he wants join the Army then good luck to him.
  13. Who gives a toss? Another intellectually-challenged offspring or two of the Germans esconced in Buck House opts for a brief, tick-in-the-box stint in the forces to keep up the family tradition. Would any of you be happy to see these twats responsible for the lives of soldiers when the excrement hit the spinning thing? It's the 21st century. Stop touching your forelocks and grow up. This blind allegiance by the army I love to an outdated monarchy is something I'll never understand. Your orders come from the government of the day. That's reality.
  14. I think it is fantastic that they both want to serve in the Army, especially when the press have been trying to portray them as some sort of holy trinity along with Diana who would scour the world fighting poverty and letting nothing stand in their way when an opportunity came up for a fashionable photo opportunity with a suitably photogenic ill child or similar.

    They are choosing the old fashioned way of service.

    Having said that I do not believe for one minute that William, as second in line for the throne, and first born of the first born will be allowed to face exactly the same situations as another 2nd Lieutenant in the infantry or whatever he joins. This is despite what spin the Army and palace will no doubt put out during his entire career. I personally do not have a problem with that, justnthe lies that will constantly be told.

    Hats off to Prince Andrew for doing his bit, but that example is not particularly relevant as he was not in the position of importance that William, as future King is, so it proves little.
  15. Who was it that said "It is the duty of every young officer to try and get himself killed", or words to that effect?