An odd story

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by slick, Nov 30, 2005.

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  1. Make of this what you will, I got the story second hand but found it strange. My neighbours daughter was doing some shopping in Swindon town centre and she went to a cashpoint to get some money. There was a chap already using it, after he`d finished and walked off she moved forward to the cashpoint and nearly fell over a holdall left on the ground. It was open so she looked inside and found it full of cash, thinking it probably belonged to the chap she grabbed her money from the cashpoint and legged it after him. The chap thanked her profusely and offered her a monetary reward several times which she declined. Upon turning to leave he called after her and thanked her again, told her that she seemed like a nice lady and offered a quiet warning not to go into Swindon centre on 10th December or Bath centre on the 11th. This could be a completely innocent warning to do with bus or taxi strikes for example but (and maybe I`m jumping to conclusions) she said the chap looked of middle eastern origin but was well dressed and spoke good English. She immediately went to the local police station to tell her tale and they told her there was nothing they could do as he hadn`t committed any offence...any thoughts :?:
  2. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Book Reviewer Kit Reviewer

    this appears very similar to a current joke but I heard it that the warning was not to go to Thurso and the punchline is she asks the man "why, is there to be a bomb?" and he replies "no, cause thurso's a dump!"
  3. My inbuilt urban myth alarm is sounding...
  4. Well I know people who work in Swindon, so might be sending a little warning to stay away...

    Better safe than sorry and all that.

    Having said that, should anyone decide to blow up Swindon, then they'd be doing the world a favour. Bloody magic roundabout...
  5. Hackneyed tripe...however I may have to reconsider my working plan for that week...!!
  6. I did have my doubts about this story, thanks for your thoughts, and I agree that Swindon town centre could only benefit from a facelift by any means possible as well as some of the inhabitants :lol: Although I won`t be venturing there on the 10th just in case 8O
  7. And don't believe anything the neighbour's daughter says in future.
  8. And as a general rule for life, staying away from Swindon is as sound as they get. What a dump.
  9. come freindly choggis and blow up swindon it not fit for human kind :lol: (with apolgies to a poet whose name i forgot :oops: ) if only .

    Slick are you a guliable fool ?Or just stirring ?
  10. Heard the exact same thing last year... stay out of London on such and such a date. :roll:
  11. Woody, you mean John Betjeman ("Come friendly bombs and fall on slough/It isn't fit for humans now").

    But why would terrorists consider Honda city a priority target? Do they hate the Japs, too?