An odd request.

I'm looking to do a secret santa for someone I work with. They love leopard print, so my idea was get a cheap, budget limited, model of a leopard tank, build it, and paint it in leopard print. So it'd be a leopard, in leopard print.

Can anyone help?
Why not approach this in a different direction - get a few metres of fabric screen-printed with images of the tank being pulled by reindeer and have it made up into a blouse?
And the award to to the most pointless thread goes to....
Small and cheap

Leopard Tank on Amazon

For an added bonus, try sticking a small model leopard in the commander's cupola
Get your cheap model tank, and some cheap leopard print fur.
Make the tank, and stick the fur carefully over the surface,
If from the Valleys, just use the misses leggings :)


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Give 'em this, in true traditional Christmas fashion they can try and assemble it themselves while half pissed after Christmas dinner!
Homyl 1 Pc Kids Assemble German VK1602 LEOPARD Tank Model Toy Paper Art Craft Ornaments

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Just get them something cheap and tacky. They like leopard print so to them it'll be the height of sophistication.


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Not usually one to jump on a bandwagon, but my googlefu has deserted me.

I’m looking for a landrover Meccano kit. I know, buy a box and get started, but this isn’t for me.
I’ve seen a couple of dreadful ones, but I’m looking foe something a bit more grown up.

I’m aware that landys are just big Meccano kits, but I thought I’d get him started indoors, before he breaks his heart with a real one in the drive.

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