an MPs wife airs their opinion re the expenses row...


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...we're all nasty horrible bullies apparently for taking MP's to task re their expenses.
and apparently 'rightwing commentators hate Labour governments, and they were ready to risk undermining public confidence in the entire political system to discredit the Labour party.'

(and once again the implication that if you dont support Labour, the BNP will get in. ergo, if you're not with us, you're standing slightly to the right of Himmler.)

unsurprisingly, it's in the Grauniad... equally unsurprisingly, but pleasant to see, is her getting almost unanimously told where to get off in the comments section.
I agree with her, on one point at least, that MP's are the most hated people in Britain.
Of course she is upset, the gravy train that gives her such a comfortable life is under threat.
May I enquire wether her husband uses his £100,000 a year office expenses to pay her a salary for making his morning cuppa? I believe the accepted norm is to pay your spouse £38-40,000 for these services.

Loads of MP's quitting at the next election? hollow words. If they had any sense of honour they would quit now instead of hanging on for the financial benefits of staying until the election.
She is sick of the country.... funny that so am I.

The elected MPs that we have, seem to have not given two hoots what the country think and are now so out of touch with those that elected them the divide is clear.

THAT is why people are getting so het up about this.

That and the fact that the government spent a lot of time and effort (not to mention money) in the pursuit of us proles NEVER finding out about their expenses..... nothing to hide, nothing to fear.

Seeing as so many are nowing coming out of the woodwork to complain "democracy is underthreat", why didn't they come out earlier when the deocracy was threatened by rampant sleaze and money grabbing?

Simple fact, MPs have lost the trust of the nations.... stop fcuking whining about it. Remount and do something to win it back.
Stupid Sow, another one who is so out of it they don't understand just how angry the oeople in the real world are
anyone who ventures into public life may find themselves the ­target of a degree of vitriol ­disproportionate to any offence they are deemed to have caused.
How is this disproportionate? At least we're stabbing them in the front...a courtesy they never seem to extend to the public.

rightwing commentators hate Labour governments, and they were ready to risk undermining public confidence in the entire political system to discredit the Labour party.
You'd think the Telegraph had never commented on the Tories...duckhouse and moat-clearing anyone? Anthony Steen MP (lots of vitriol about him in Devon at the moment)?

in the past few days I haven't seen any of those people standing up for MPs
Obviously not looking hard enough. Seems to be plenty of support for the ones who aren't sponging like it's going out of fashion.

I am sick of the daily undermining of democracy
Only because you're used to that being the current government's job...

When will these people wake up? Bloody hell!
Even the Telegraph has published a "Saints" list so this stupid bitch is sprouting crap
maguire said:
...and apparently 'rightwing commentators hate Labour governments, and they were ready to risk undermining public confidence in the entire political system to discredit the Labour party.'
I seem constantly to miss the 'right wing commentators' on the BBC, despite Radio 4 being on all day.

There is no need to 'discredit the Labour party', because for about twelve years it has done that task itself with a degree of excellence!

This woman sums up precisely why currently politicians, of all parties, especially MPs, are so intensely disliked. In a competition for unpopularity they would easily beat:

Estate agents; second hand car dealers; 'pikeys'; tax inspectors; traffic wardens and benefits scroungers.
'rightwing commentators hate Labour governments' - a strange comment. Whilst Call Me Dave has moved smartly to discipline those he sees as taking the p!ss, there has been a strange silence from the Liarbour camp.

So much so that the BBC is reporting it almost as though it is a purely Tory affliction - even to the point of flying a camera crew (at our expense of course) to Washington to try and interview Sir Peter Viggers (even though he was returning to UK in a few days).


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Even 'Dave' seems to be hedging. He seems to be concentrating on staying one step ahead of Gordon Ceaucescu (not difficult since Gordon is too chicken-hearted to to the right thing properly) rather than having a wholesale stable-clean among his own people. He needs to take a real look ahead rather than just look over his shoulder. In particular he needs to withdraw the whip from all those of his MPs who are proven dodgy and MAKE their constituencies thnk again IN GOOD TIME since, like the thief, none know when the General Election will come. Dissolution Jun 21 anybody? The catch is, as we saw with 'hug a hoodie' and fudge over the EU, 'Dave' is an opportunistic trimmer.

Machiavelli says that if a leader is going to do something nasty, he should do it immediately in one fell swoop, not in dribs and drabs.
I have just been back to the UK for a couple of days and I can see the people are turning. I was in Epsom on Saturday and the LibDems were campaining to get the roads improved or something like that.

As I was passing said LibDem bod a little old lady was in front of me.

"Madam, we are campaining for the roads”

“Stop stealing from the us and maybe we could have some. You should all be hanged, now bugger off dear!”

I was in tears and the LibDem bod was in shock.
My view (not massively important I know) is that the "saints" will benefit hugely from this, and rightly so. While the public are currently just furious at the whole boiling over this; the anger will eventually distil down to victimising the wrongdoers - quite rightly - and an increase in respect and therefore voteshare for those who have not rooked the system.

I also think that this issue is simply the final nudge that sent the whole ediface crashing down. Anger has been mounting about so many differnt things, at local, national and international level; then the expenses dossier came out and KABOOM the normally reticent and stoic public went mental.

Finally the bleating of Nadine Dorries, the author of the Grauniad piece and a few complete clowns like Steen has exposed how utterly out of touch they all are - I though the comment comparing an MP being driven to suicide and Dr Kelly's tragic demise was very apt.

Ho Hum - I think this little nugget will run and run
Happy to see graunaid readers in uproar at this bunch of toadies. I see the BBC is still on message and reporting only about Tories - just how far that organisation has fallen is shocking to see.

I agree this one is not going away. Cameron is talking about big changes, the one eyed scotish idiot has shown the full level of his incompetence and done nothing.

I think theres some more scalps to be had yet. Watching them squirm is so amusing seeing how they've taken the electorate for granted for so long, paybacks a b1tch :D
What an outstanding concept! Write a page-long rant attacking the ungrateful public and get it published in a mainstream newspaper - that'll get them on side!

I am sick of the daily undermining of democracy
This IS democracy. Get used to it.
Ord_Sgt wrote:

'I see the BBC is still on message and reporting only about Tories - just how far that organisation has fallen is shocking to see.'

Agreed - I watched the BBC evening news this evening. On a day when 9 ministers have been caught putting an accountant's fees on exes (one who just happens to be married to a Liarbour MP), the BBC ignored it and gave all their coverage to the attempt to oust Julie Kirkbride. There was, however, coverage about Cyclops warning off the North Koreans about the nuclear test - they must be crapping bricks in Pyongyang.

For an organisation supposedly stuffed with intellectuals, the BBC don't seem to be able to see the writing on the wall. A columnist said a few months ago, after further anti-Tory coverage (and I have no love for either major party - I just like to see fair play, particularly when I am paying for it) that the BBC now have 'more powerful enemies than friends'. Perhaps the Beeb know something that we don't.
No doubt this daft bint gushed between the legs when she heard the utter nonsense Stephen Fry uttered with the forethought of someone far less mentaly well equiped than him.

I ask her, would she prefer to be poor and sick of this country or rich and sick of this country?


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Werewolf said:
ARRSE whip round to buy the stupid b1tch a dictionary, so she can find Sympathy? :roll: :twisted:
thats right inbetween sh1t and syphillis, right?? :lol:

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