An MP that does not listen to the question!

On the Jeremy Vine show on Radio 2 this morning they were talking about tax changes etc & had Chloe Smith Conservative MP for Norwich North on and she would not answer a straight question asked of her by Vine.

Then the classic comment we are putting what Labour did wrong, right.
Was this not what Labour said when they got in to power in the 90's?

Why cant an MP just answer a straight question when asked!

They just start spouting MP'speak bollocks the whole time!!!
They do a similar bluffing course to the one taught to junior officers at Sandhurst.
Moyles? Seriously? He and his "crew" were on the wireless in my favourite greasy spoon a few days ago.He really does sound like he looks.
Try listning to Steven Nolan on BBC Radio Ulster weekdays between 9 - 10.30...He often has ministers on to give them the third degree & often does...mind you some of the winging is quite funny.

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