An Islamic Nuclear/Cold War or a Libertarian future?

In relation to Iraq, and indeed the wider Middle East, the constant mantra that both Bush and Blair preach about endlessly is the need for unity – unity to form government, unity to restore peace, unity between Arabs and Israelis etc. As much as it pains me to say this, for once I actually agree with them and can see where they are coming from. But here I must add a caveat; they may get unity, but it may not be the unity they had bargained for, and it may not be on ‘their terms’.

What they might get is another Saladin – a charismatic and aggressive ghost of history returned to life to wage war against the ‘Christian infidels’, once again. If we ever see the rebirth of a new Saladin he will undoubtedly bring unity – as in unity of all the differing Islamic faiths in a unity of opposition to the West.

Somewhere in Iraq or Afghanistan there could be a homeless child, restless teenager, or dissatisfied soldier wandering about the rubble and picking up the broken limbs of his fallen brethren. Perhaps he will grow into a fearsome and ruthlessly driven man. Perhaps he might be able to do the seemingly impossible and persuade the embittered Sunnis and Shias to stop killing each other, and to direct their unified attention and strength elsewhere – to us?

I admit that the above scenario is both far-fetched and highly unlikely, but in my defence, history does teach us to expect both bold and unpredictable events to happen at critical junctures in time.

Consider this grim possibility – the rise to power of an Arabian Hitler.

All the best,

Steven McLaughlin

Author of Squaddie – a soldier’s story
Mainstream Publishing.

It has been a real pleasure to receive a good old ‘ripping’ from some fellow soldiers once again – I really do miss that kind of squaddie banter – so bring it on! In my earlier email I was referring to events that might possibly pan out in the coming decades, most definitely not the immediate future, and certainly not in the ‘Blair era’ –though undoubtedly it will be a hangover from his political legacy.

On the issue of politics, and don’t worry I won’t bore you with this one too much I feel I must make my position clearer; I am not, not have I ever been, a left-winger of any sort. I am a Libertarian, as was the great Ronald Reagan privately, Governor Arnold Shcwarzeneger quite openly, and many other Conservative figures.

As Libertarians we believe strongly in Conservative economic policies and passionately in Social freedom and equality – but not freedom in the left wing Communist sense. True freedom is the ability to live your life and run your business however you want to, with no government interferance whatsoever. Human beings don’t need intrusive government laws to tell them how to behave, what to think and how to say it – just so long as you don’t hurt anybody else or interfere with their liberty and freedom – go ahead and live your life as best you can, without fear or worry.

Libertarians are extremely anti-political correctness and believe in the idea of small, as opposed to big, government. Don’t step on my shoes and I won’t step on yours, allow me to live in peace and don’t tax me to death for PC policies I don’t even support or believe in – that’s the Libertarian philosophy. Incidentally many soldiers express Libertarian values without even realizing it, and it is the fastest growing party in the USA as voters tire of ‘big government’ and hanker for personal responsibility.

We are all individuals and as such are capable of achieving great things independently. We don’t need to listen to politicians constantly lecturing us that we are racist, homophobic, Islamiphobic or whatever. We are not, they’re the ones making a living out of dividing people and putting them into different special categories, imaginary victims of this and that alleged injustice.

Ok – enough of my mad soapbox ranting, and you’re right – I do need to get out more!

PPS: type the word Libertarian into Wikipedia, many of you will be pleasantly surprised and intrigued.