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An Iraqi terrorist is spraying graffiti ......

Seen elsewhere, thought it was funny....

An Iraqi terrorist is spraying graffiti on a wall in Basra and has decided to use what little French he knows to annoy the British and the Americans who he hopes will not understand French. He is arrested by an American soldier who doesn't speak French, who then calls over a French-speaking British officer.

US Soldier: 'I caught this t'rr'rist t'rr'risin' this wall with anti-coalition graffiti!'

British Officer: 'Les Americans Ils Ont Les Maisons? The Americans They Go The Houses? THis is a criminal piece if I ever saw one!

Terrorist: 'It says 'Americans Go Home!'

British Officer: 'No it doesn't! If you are going to spray graffiti you can use slang but this is ridiculous. What is slang for Americans?'

FIghter: 'Erm...erm erm...Infidels???...erm...erm[ a gun now points at his head]...Yan...Yank...Yankees!

British Officer: Yes! Yankees! [Crosses out 'Americans' and writes 'Yankees'] They go? What kind of a phrase is this?

Terrorist: It means, I want them to go home!

British Officer: But this is an order, so you are telling them to go home! [GUn still pointing at his head] Conjugate the verb 'to go.'

Terrorist: Erm...erm...je vais...tu vas...vas?

British Officer: How many Americans?

Terrorist: Erm...erm...all of them?

British Officer: So you want 'You' plural! Vous allez! You want the word 'allez!' Les maisons? The houses? Who's houses?

Terrorist: THeir houses?

British Officer: Where are their houses?

Terrorist: In America!

British Officer: Which is also?

Terrorist: Their home?

British Officer: Chez vous! 'Yankees allez chez vous!' Now. Write it out 100 times and if it's not done by dawn, I'll cut your head off. God save the Queen!

Terrorist: Yes! God Save the Queen!

British Officer walks off and the American soldier stands there dumbfounded

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