An Iraqi Answer for Terrorists:A Day with the Commandos

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by NEO_CON, Oct 14, 2005.

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  1. October 14, 2005
    An Iraqi Answer for Terrorists:
    A Day with the Commandos in Tallafar
    By Lieutenant Colonel Gary Skubal

    Lets hope he is right.
  2. Good news! I hope that insurgenrs will be defeated soon.
  3. "their officers appeared to have a sixth sense in chosing which house to enter"

    Not a good enough explaination for me, anyway.

    He dosn't ask where the intellegence comes from, in general. Maybe all they need is one good lead, and create a 'snowball' from that lead?

    but the tactics of moving fast as soon as intellegence is acquired, getting everybody and sorting out the innocent later sounds good.
    Probably difficult to do with western troops too, as the interrogation process would be slower.

    A iraqi officer probably can get away with terrifing a detainee for information, whereas a western soldier could only expect a visit from SPS.

    I wonder if similar tactics would work from criminal gangs in the west. The difference is probably interrogation speed and threat. Here, a criminal knows that he's got no physical threat in the police custody, but if he sqeaals, he'll have immediate threat from his collegues. In Iraq, the police can use force almost at will and a suspected terrorist knows this, so he talks.
  4. a local solution for a local problem it seems,

    western conventional methods wasn't doing very well in an Eastern environment, perhaps something to learn here.
  5. The Yanks have clearly taught them well...
  6. According to recent intelligence, it would seem that the insurgents tend to spend a lot of time with the commandos, theyve infiltrated them.
  7. A visit from SPS - what, a docs check?