An Introduction to Physics.

If you want to learn more about the world around you, I hope to provide a good starting point into a fascinating subject but at a level which doesn't require MENSA membership to understand.

A good place to start is with the following lectures, free of charge and with no complicated mathematics:
Physics in your life: Physics In Your Life - QuickSilverScreen Forum
This covers a wide range of physics, from the very large to the very small

Modern Physics for Non-scientists: Modern Physics For Non-scientists - QuickSilverScreen Forum
Covers the more recent physics developments.

Particle Physics for Non-Scientists: Particle Physics For Non-physicists - QuickSilverScreen Forum
Covers the "Very Small" range of the physics spectrum

The Open University offers "OpenLearn", which are free course materials. is a good module that offers a briefer introduction to physics, but requires some maths to work through.

/*** Warning: Mathematics Ahead! ***/
The following website from Georgia State University is an excellent tool, you can dip in at any point, really useful if you suddenly wonder "How does that work?". All the equations are given, but in a lot of cases there is an embedded calculator to help you out. An A-Level understanding of maths is recommended.

If anyone has any other recommendations please post them, and I would love to see a similar thread for chemistry or biology if anyone knows a good starting point.
Thanks for the links! Especially the one to Georgia State, it is Very Nice!
Thanks for the links... excellent for backing up my current understanding of stuff.

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