An Introduction From New Health & Fitness Sponsor Myprotein

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by MyProtein, Mar 24, 2009.

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    [align=center]Introducing Myprotein[/align] is committed to providing high quality sports nutrition and supplements at the most competitive prices possible to ensure our customers get the best value for money every time. We believe in offering a wide range of products with clear, un-hyped information to allow our customers to make their own personal choice on what works best for them. Myprotein recognises that everyone is different and therefore aims to provide the tools for each customer to create their own unique nutritional plan online.

    As the UK's leading online supplier and manufacturer of sports nutrition and supplements, we have a passion and commitment for what we do. We like to challenge conventional ways of thinking and believe that you can have the finest quality products at very competitive prices.

    It's important to remember:

    1. All of our products are made to ISO9001 UKAS accreditation standards¹
    2. Products are independently tested with verified Certificates of Analysis
    3. We work in partnership with some of the world's leading suppliers in order to source the finest ingredients to our own exacting standards
    4. We only sell online and direct to the customer, ensuring we cut out all the middlemen

    As well as ensuring the highest quality ingredients at the most competitive prices, there are a whole host of other reasons why we are the number one online:

    1. Price Beat Guarantee - we promise to beat any like-for-like price anywhere in Europe²
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    4. Secure Website - we use market-leading Verisign® online security, to give you total peace of mind
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    7. Easy-to-use Website - simply find the products you want and order in 4 easy steps
    8. Customer services - for nutritional guidance or any other questions, just give us a call on local rate: 08450-949889

    Don't just take our word for it, take a look at Team MP to gain a small insight into some of the elite athletes and teams that use our products on a regular basis to help them succeed at the highest level.

    Click here to find more details about Myprotein.

    You can use the following voucher for a 5% discount on your very first online order:


    ¹ ISO9001 accreditation applies to all products produced by Myprotein

    ² please see website for terms and conditions.
  2. Long time user.

    Good stuff, good prices, good forum.

    Cheque in the mail right?

  3. Blah, blah , blah. Come back when you can run 10 miles in 90 minutes carrying everything you need to fight for 24 hours........
    Biceps, triceps and abs don't cut any ice in the real world.
  4. Rip off.

    Top banana. Makes you massive and slow in the stretcher race. Awesome for the gym queen. Total regrets when your dragging your guns along
  5. What are you two bloody talking about.

    6kg whey protein isolate 57 quid
  7. Are you lactose intolerent?

    Also, normal whey, £63 for 9.08 kg from MP.
  8. If it was free delivery I would use them.
  9. No I'm not. Whey isolate is the best quality protein. Best absorption percentage and higher levels of protein per serving
  10. You could, of course, just take a bit extra of the myprotein whey and get the same amount of bioavailable protein (the difference between isolate and straight whey is pretty insignificant) and you'd still save money, due to having an extra 3 kg. The 'extra' that you'd have to consume to get equivalent bioavailability with normal whey would come to <500g in a 9kg bag, so you'd still be getting 2.5kg of extra protein for the money.

    So, in conclusion, you're talking shite.

    I used myprotein a while back - had some good results but got annoyed with the seeming inconsistency of flavouring. One batch would taste great and then the next would taste like a pint of wet, muddy sand. I decided that buying brand-name products from a discount website (address witheld out of respect for the sponsor) would be a better bet. Still, if they've sorted those issues out then I can recommend them heartily.
    Just stay away from the raspberry flavour *gag* :p
  11. You do know that whey isolate is basically just whey with the lactose and bits that effect lactose intolerant people removed right?

    That's all it is, the blurb you posted about being absorbed at a greater rate and all that is marketing because the mark up and thus profit margin is greater for isolate.

    Also, you'll find that egg protein is the best quality protein. That's why all protein powders are graded against egg protein.


    Taken from
  12. Yeah I found the same thing, which is why I now buy the unflavoured and buy flavouring systems. Then I don't have a 10lb bag of just one flavour kicking about :D .

    That said, either black labs or the milk shake stuff you can get from asda or tescos works quite well.
  13. and to all the people going 'oh its for gym queens' and 'you'll regret dragging your guns around' - supplements aid RECOVERY as well as growth. Rock climbers and combat athletes all take protein supplements and they DEFINITELY don't want to be putting on weight either.
  14. lol. theories theories theories. At the end of the day, its supplement.
  15. At the end of the day, you were talking out of your arse.