An Interview with Colonel Davis

Nice recap of what is happening in Western Iraq.

These are two different interviews of the same Col.
A blogger Bill Roggio and the Main Stream Media. Each brings out different facts . The Main Stream Media
is more aggressive in its questions and has built in assumption in its questioning. They seem to be looking for fractures in the training of Iraqis and ask questions with regard, to stories line they intend or have reported on.

Bill is less aggressive and seems to be trying to get a description of how things are going on the ground. Both I feel are good informative interviews.
I could be wrong but I think he is back, the interview with the Washington press core had to be a remote I am assuming his was the same.

You are right their logistics are horrible but that was not the complaint a year ago.
It may be unfair to compare the Iraqi army to either the British or American forces. Our two Armies are among the Best in the World . How do they compare to other Middle Eastern armies is a Question worth asking, they will never be as good as their American or British counter parts.

with all that said I do find The times story, a good and important one.

It does raise question about the training that need to be answered. What was the ranking of that Muthana Brigade and what will its ranking be when it takes over Its area of responsibility? Are we rushing the transition to Iraqi control ? Is it politically motivated? HOW are similarly ranked Iraqi units doing against the insurgency, in the areas they already have control of? The model of tactical and logistical support that the Times story lays out, is it working in other areas to provide proper level of support to the Iraqis? Of course the correspondent should go back to the same brigade in 6 months and a year time to see if there is any improvement. That would help public decide if things are improving in Iraqi.

This quote is troubling
If they get hit hard you find probably 30 or 40 just don’t turn up to work next day,” one US adviser said. “They usually come back though, a few days later.”

The brigade is nearly 50 per cent understrength

How could he know after just two days of being embedded.
the loyalty of most of its 1,600 troops is secured largely by their $300 (£170) monthly pay packet.
NEO_CON wrote:
I could be wrong but I think he is back, the interview with the washington press core had to be a remote I am assuming his was the same. When he was their he was embeded with the Col.

'Americans and Irony' - discuss.

I posted before I read your link I get Irony. just a little quick on the draw

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