an interesting take on Fidel Castro

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by RCSignals, Feb 16, 2005.

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  1. "Castro has never been an underdog. He's always had powerful sectors of the U.S. government and 95 per cent of the media on his side-- and he's always conducted this opera of propaganda like Toscanini conducted the New York Philharmonic."

    This is correct.

    The New York Times, which insisted that Castro was a non-Marxist "agrarian reformer," and latter-day Thomas Jefferson with a beard and a cigar, used to promote its help wanted classified section with an advertising campaign built around the theme "I Got My Job Through The New York Times."

    A group of outraged Cuban emigres put up posters all over NYC consisting of a picture of Fidel and that same slogan.
  2. having said that , the US Trade embargo isn't making the slightest difference, they are just sore that Fidal kicked their butts and never got over it , hence the embargo, they still trade with some of the worse regimes and yet on their doorsteps is a communist govt on their doorstep which while it isn't perfect is at least not as bad as soem tin pot African countries and Middle Eastern regimes.

    lift the embargo and travel bans, with affluance and travel and opportunities, cuban societies will change without Castro being able to d anything about it, that has more effect than the embargo which is just playing into Castro's hand.
  3. I agree semper.

    Th US administration should drop all the sanctions (but wont because it would look like castro finally got his victory over the yanks) and let the forces of capitalism tear castros administration apart. He would soon be overthrown and then who would be the winner? The yanks and the cuban people (and the US companies who would take over cuba :D )

  4. which is one of the main reasons for the revolution as US govt has too much control over Cuba and they resented it.
  5. You should talk to some Cubans who were there at the time. Your view might change some
  6. i agree, at the start of the revolution it was all about removing Basista who is sponsored by the US govt and is corrupt in the usual Latin American stylee, however the dream soon turned sour and there is a totaltarian system in place, you simply swapped one banana republic leader for another albeit sponsored by the Soviet Union.
    it doesn't, however gives the US govt the right to impose a trade embargo simply because they got whupped and they decided to throw the teddy out of the pram over it. such bully boy tactics is counterproductive.

    i would like to visit Cuba on a holiday.
  7. I can recommend that. I was too old to comment on the sex side now but dollars are highly appreciated and there are some very beaustiful girls. The general public seem to be happy and content under the yoke of that bad man Castro so perhaps they find him not all bad. The cigars are great too.
  8. some of the anti cuban cubans are far from nice people (':roll:')
    Rolling Eyes
  9. I agree that the Cuban exiles are not the nicest people you would meet, but they do have a point! Brother Fidel didn't exactly go out of his way to mend fences with those who opposed him once he took over (hence all the deaths of teachers, lawyers, priests, doctors and yes, trade unionists - well it was a peasant revolution!).

    With regards to the embargo, Fidel does not want it lifted as that would deny him his raison d’être! The embargo by one country, the US, has not resulted in the current shite state of Cuban. Collectivisation (and with it the destruction of the sugar crops), mass arrests, spending on "military advisors" for tin pot African dictators and supporting Left wing terrorist organisations in South & Central America cost money.

    Also, when Fidel first took over, he actually had US help and once in control appealed to his backers for support. To their eternal shame, they decided to renege on the deal and try to get Batista back in. This was due to the overly strong influence on the President by certain US Corporations. The America left don't like being reminded that it was Kennedy who f*cked that one up (his family had significant investments in Cuba - opps).

    The treatment of Cuba by the Liberals in America demonstrate what bampots they are. They regularly travel there for photo ops and declare their moral support for a dictator who has:

    1. never held an election
    2. Still has the death penalty (for crimes are "harmless" as property thief)
    3. Regularly jails opposition members and journalists
    4. A crime rehabilitation policy of putting criminals on boats, point them towards Florida and threaten to shoot them if they do not start rowing!

    But hey, he just a loveable kinda guy!