An interesting site for gentlemen?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fltpilot, Jan 2, 2013.

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  1. Had a look purely for educational needs, will continue my research later.
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  2. A site which will take quite a bit of time to evaluate.
  3. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    Well done for putting it up on ARRSE, mate; the site will now slow to a crawl, if not crash completely.
  4. Lame I've just finished putting together a gallery of a full set.

    Most sites give you a taste of 12 -20 photos, get phots from many sites and you can collect the set! Then arrange in to a storyboard. She comes in, has a dance, has a drink, flashes boob... etc. Finishes with her getting 1500euros and a facial for her efforts.
  5. And I always thought was for bikers! Thats one to open the visor.
  6. You've got to weigh up the pro's & cons havn't you!
  7. On the grounds that the thought police have blocked it, I shall save it for later and investigate further, later.
  8. Nah, not for me, too much arithmetic working out the tonnages and safe working loads of all that mamalian funfat, more than a handfull is a waste.
  9. I have never uttered a bad word about a breast that is in my mouth regardless of size :drool:

    Will have to note that site for further research as I am aslo under the thought polices gaze :-x
  10. OK, in the bunk and applying scrutiny. The site is something for its amateur feel alone. Someone out there has a serious breast fetish. Good man.

    No wonder that 'Gentlemen wear Polaroids'

    (fiver to who gets the reference...
  11. Do you mean "Gentlemen Take Polaroids" by Japan ?
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  12. Venturing into mountainous terrain without the right preparation and gear can be dangerous.
    Don't forget the tissues!
  13. Interesting quote from the above mentioned site:
    "If you know someone bigger - tell us! (BUT! there are Rules ...) If you think you know a model who should definitely be in this Top 20 then you must send us a high-quality image, which shows her topless from the front, has her arms at her sides, breasts hanging down naturally (not squashed together), and preferably includes her belly button and elbows/wrists for reference points."

    What's with the reference points? Are they planning on sending a cartographer to do a survey?
  14. Sir, the fiver is yours. Shame about my fucking memory...