An Interesting Few Days in N.I, just as well we have spare forces to committ

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Duke_of_Kaos, Apr 24, 2011.

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  1. Since Friday the police have recovered a quantity or arms (inc LBW & SBW) in Keady, had 2 finds of BME in South Armagh (apparently new as opposed to stuff that Slab or SGH may have left buried in a field) and also conducted an arrest op in relation to the murder of Con Kerr.

    Lets hope the police keep the pressure up on these half wits, before anyone gets hurts.

    Lets face it with current commitments and future cuts our leadership is more inclined to inject UK forces in to another middle east sandy place as opposed to our own back yard.
  2. I never understood the IRA and UDV; 'We've just put a pipe bomb in a primary school and blown up Omagh! Join our cause!'
  3. I've never understood the UDV either, mainly because I've never heard of 'em... think you might mean UDA? :winkrazz:

    They're all mentally unstable murdering twunts. Trying to understand them is futile.
  4. There was an interview with an 18 year old (although he sounded about 40) Londonderry member of the 32 Counties Sovereignty Committee on Broadcasting House this morning. Depressing in that he didn't really seem to have any real reason for supporting murder other than because that's what people like him did. His justifications all seemed circular and when he was banging on about self-determination for the whole of Ireland I couldn't help but think that if there was an all-Ireland plebiscite in which the status-quo won (much less one in NI or even the whole of Ulster) he wouldn't be happy.
  5. When a govt like the Blair one gives in to terrorism what can you expect. They never handed their weapons over , they had all of their prime terror bomb expertise released from Gaol who knows what they will do next. I hope that the Cameroon Govt is not so soft or obliging.
  6. Bugger, they're the ones :p

    They don't seem to get that a lot of Ireland doesn't care any more; people just want peaceful, nice lives. Not car bombs and some relics from the Troubles thrashing about realising they're obselete.
  7. Fixed that for you!
  8. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I've always thought we spent way too much money on Woomera, Lisburn was much more deserving, kind of central.
  9. I take it your the one the U.D.R.refused to scrape of the streets on Friday/Saturday nights and smuggle back into camp after hours?They did have standards,not high admittedly,but high enough.
  10. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Awfully defensive there county, get a sense of humour.
  11. I have a sense of humour,however,given your record on N.I.,I don't think you were trying to be funny,but Im not going to derail the thread.Bottoms up!
  12. I think the peelers and MI5 in particular have known about these hides for a while, but are now only starting to share intel or have taken the hides out of circulation to shore up confidence within the communities.

    I hnestly think this year will be a severe test for the peace, with the queens visit coming up, the marching season approaching and the RIR/IG homecoming parades. Plus the fact seasoned scumbags like Bik McFarlane and Declan Arthurs have taken their expertise into the anti-peace camp, I think there will be a few testing times to come.
  13. cancelled I'm afraid... The MoD declined to accept Belfast city council's invitation, unless that's been reversed and I haven't heard?


    to add; yup cancelled according to the News Letter today MOD accused of cowardice over parade refusal - Local - News Letter
  14. Parades.. Lisburn and Ballymena are still going ahead I believe.
  15. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    Good to see the return of well known old timers. They at least know what to look forward to when they get arrested and what prison smells like. That's what we need more republican 'war' memorials. The tourists have seen the old tat about peace and freedom what they need to hear are stirring songs about brave volunteers getting ambushed, dumped in ditches and stuffed down sewers. And that little blues number about the evening the mortar went wrong. The Arthurs family have a wealth of experience in rehab and physio. They should be applauded for their endeavours in not overburdening the NHS. I can just see it now when the smoking ford tears up to Letterkenny hospital. A gunshot wound We don't have any money to treat gunshot wounds. Ah Northern banknotes. Thank you.