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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Aggernon, Nov 19, 2009.

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  1. Now I'm not sure what I would do about this (if I was still in):

    But the Ruskies were the baddies when I served. The world has changed, and so has what I knew as the BAOR.
  2. Off you fuck, there's a good chap.
  3. knobber
  4. What dribbling fcukwit came up with that pile of shite?
  5. Wait!

    So let me get his right, as I am a bear of little brain.

    What this is effectively saying is that in the event of the formation of a European superstate, we should all resign from the Army in some sort of mass protest vote?

    It begs a question.

    If the European superstate comes into existance, do you think our "allies" across the channel would allow us to have our own independent army, or would they merely homogenise, pasteurise and standardise us into the "European Army"?

    Would we all wear Belgian pattern dayglo combats?

    Would we scrap PAYD and opt for Netherlands style satay sauce with everything? Or go for the fish in beetroot, favoured by out Czech cousins?

    In your own time, go on.
  6. My vote is for Frog rations… top stuff. :chef:
  7. I should imagine that a EU Army would run along the lines of the US Army and National Guard. The British Army as such would be purely there for home defence whilst the EU Army is there to enforce EU Foreign policy. It would certainly mean that, if Britain was to get involved in any future wars, our fellow-Europeans would have to bear their fair share of the responsibility and the cost of operations.
    However language and identity would be the biggest problems. I doubt if there are many Europeans who feel that they are European first and French, German, British etc second so we would presumably see regiments organised along State lines and speaking their own language, not really conducive to either harmony or efficiency.
  8. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I think I see a problem of everyone resigning from the British Army if a European Army came about. We'd have British army bases, on British soil, populated by German, Belgian, French and Spanish soldiers.

    Just a thought.

    Actually, we'll probably get that anyway.

    To think, after centuries of keeping them the other side of the channel, the EU will at some point insist that all EU soldiers from all the provinces (like England) are based across all of them, rather than their own home turf.
  9. Seems like a plan and adds immeasurably to the cost.
    Leading on to the:-
    Standardisation of of equipment, this will keep the costs down. Allegedly.
    Standardisation of training, improving interoperability. Possibly.

    Resulting in;

    A leaner more efficient force


    Reductions in forces/ opting out of force

    You can kiss your job/sovereignty goodbye.

    Thus a de facto State of Europe where everyone is happy and the masses are ruled by a benevolent bureaucracy(non elected)

    Much the same state of affairs as we find ourselves in at the moment in fact

    What could possibly go wrong?
  10. Not in my experience.
  11. Well, I didn't see this one as an easy one to talk about.

    However, it might become an issue in the next year or two.

    Do you fancy having to do parades for your new 'commander in chief'? One that doesn't have any military experience or speak your native tongue?

    He might be some guy called Jean-Claude van Robbinar or Tony Blair. Get used to getting salutes from guys not in uniform.

    The Swiss army manage with three languages - although they seperate the regiments into ones that speak French, Italian or German (although the Italian ones are not known for their enthusiasm).

    Blair, I suppose, speaks English - but I suspect his salute is well dodgy.
  12. So there becomes a European Army then you could be based anywhere in Europe.

    6 months in warmer climes in the South of Europe anyone :?
  13. Or six years in northern Finland fending off the Russian hordes?
  14. Of course In Switzerland where they have French-Swiss and German-Swiss they get around this problem by speaking in English in the army.

    If its good enough for the Swiss Army.....
  15. Q national service?