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An insight into the Israeli Air Force (F-16i)

yes, and no - the new ones (Block30?) are new build airframes with a completely up to date avionics and weapon suite. They're not as stealthy as an F22 but at least it is affordable
New F-16's are probably a safe bet for any air force. A tried and tested aircraft, with the upshot of having new airframes and avionics? What more could you want? It would appear to be a solid investment, and as you say, B-S, far cheaper than an F-22!
army-hopeful said:
New F-16's are probably a safe bet for any air force. A tried and tested aircraft, with the upshot of having new airframes and avionics? What more could you want?
Well, if you're an island/coastal nation, how about a second engine?

(old maxim, AIUI - "always better to lose an engine, than the engine")
Here Here Gravelbelly... and whilst the airframes may be new... the design is still 30 + years old (am I wrong?).

That said...what would the Israeli's be theoretically up against?
Well, surrounded by Jordan, Syria, the Lebanon, and Egypt, they'll likely face, in order of country:

JORDAN: Dassault Mirage F1, F16 Fighting Falcons, F5 Freedom Fighter.

None of these airframes are particularly up-to-date, although i cannot provide the state of avionics or weapons in these aircraft. However, i would think that new F16-i's would be able to cope in combat against any of these aircraft.

SYRIA: A range of SU- and MiG- aircraft are operated by Syria.

Not too clear on how good Russian designed aircraft actually are, but have heard very good things about them. If you want more information i'd recommend http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/world/syria/airforce-equipment.htm, for a general overview.

LEBANON: Apparently only 6 fighter aircraft in the whole airforce, i doubt that Israel would have an issue. This is only proven in the recent conflict, considering all the Israeli air losses apparently came from ground based forces. Again, Global Security: http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/world/lebanon/airforce-equipment.htm

EGYPT: A range of Dassault and F-series fighter aircraft make Egypt a potent force in the middle east, as well as a smattering of MiG aircraft. Not able to locate any authority on the web for the Air Force, but i think that Egypt would probably be the hardest opposition for Israel.

Haven't included Helicopters in this, obviously. As can be seen, the hardest competition for Israel comes in the form of Egypt and Jordan, in my opinion. Obviously, my military knowledge is limited, but any comments or corrections are welcome. I think that, as well as the rest of Israels airforce, Israel is a potent air power in the middle east.

And i agree, Gravelbelly, two engines would be most welcome in a coastal countries airforce. However, any idea of the F-16's safety record? I certainly haven't heard of any major incidents.
So given that Egypt and Jordan are both on Israels christmas card list...(or at least acknowledge the existence or Israel as a state) then prime candidate for opposition has to be Syria...

...apart from that is any future incursions to Iran to say hello to their reactor sites. (Well they did it to Iraq didn't they) :)

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