An insight into the Glasgow North-East byelection.

Not sure about the living in the past, but, I believe, he is being used by others to further their aims. About 29 mins in, one of the "Jury" spin doctors has the great idea of burning an 8 foot effigey of The Palace of Westminster, Mr Smeaton is not amused. Again, my opinion.
I saw this documentary lastnight and I have to agree, I think the Jury Team used him as a pawn to further their own agenda, there was also mention of him being a "protest vote" but I dont think what John was hoping for, he somewhat naively thought he was the man who could make a difference.

The effigey thing was out of order and Im glad he refused to do it, I dont imagine it would have gone down well at all, not here nor anywhere else in the UK. As his dad said, people are annoyed at politicians not the political system.

Overall I got the impression he's just a normal guy thrust into the limelight and who wanted to try and make a difference, but politics is a nasty mans game and hes not cut out for it physically or intellectually. He was great at talking to the average joe on the street but would only canvass 3 afternoons a week due to health grounds and was top trumped by politically savvy jouro sleazeballs trying to make him look stupid at every turn.

Edited to add: When I say "used him as a pawn to further their own agenda" I dont mean any specific policies, but using his status to try and take some votes off a certain party.
When I said living off his past I meant that I am sure he felt that he could attract people and make a difference by voting for him. There were other people pushing for their own agenda and using him as the candle to draw them in. Even if he was fully healthy and canvassed 24 hours a day it wouldn't have made any difference whatsoever as he is a political lightweight and has no knowledge of the way the politcal press and the ways the other candidates work.

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