An Insight Into British Justice

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Markintime, Oct 22, 2009.

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  1. I know of two people who were involved in the theft of property. One carried out said theft (A) which involved causing damage in order to steal. The other one acted as lookout (B).

    This case is ongoing and I can't be too specific so please stick with the generalisations, if possible, and take what is said at face value.

    (A) was arrested at home and taken to police station where he made a full confession and took the police to where he had hidden the stolen items. He also implicated B as the lookout. He made a full and complete confession which was backed up by CCTV evidence.
    (B) was arrested and took the 'prove it copper, you've nothing on me' route. He denied all but failed to be convincing in his arguments that he was innocent.

    The CPS has decided that it probably wouldn't gain a conviction against (B) because although he is implicated by (A) all the rest of the evidence is circumstantial.

    They have therefore decided to drop both cases.

    What price justice? What is the point of having a police service who thoroughly investigate a crime and gain confessions backed up by clear cctv evidence only to be let down by the CPS? Justice has not been served.
  2. Absolutely disgusting! :x
  3. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    See PM, MIT!
  4. It,s yet another example of the "Criminal Protection Service", with a dash of "Yuman Rites innit", plus maybe a soupcon of "Risk Assesment" and Ambulance chasing Lawyers.

    S'thwayitgoes innit!? :roll: :roll: :roll:
  5. The CPS are the biggest waste of O2 ever.

    I know of a person, (no names no pack drills) who was accused of fiddling with some girls, whose mother he was having an affair with about 30 years ago (yes it took that long)

    Anyway, he was arrested, at the age of 72 in 2007, for a crime committed way back in the mists of time of 1973, strange as that may be, it gets better.

    The person who was given as the one who committed the said crime, was described by the said women who have all grown up now, as, and I quote

    " well over 6' with lots of tatoos on both arms, and a bald head"

    The person who was arrested at the age of 72, 34 years after the crime, is 5' 8" if hes an inch, has a full head of hair and has never had a tattoo in his life.

    Yet the CPS thought it right to go ahead with the case regardless, despite lots of legal wrangling from the now accused's barrister and the police who knocked his door at 6am, who when confronted with him, actually said, this cant be right, (their words)

    The case lasted all of 3 days, with lots of witnesess to vouch for the said "accused's" character, ( a person, who has not even had a speeding ticket or committed a parking offence, ever) and statements from the arresting police, who made it very clear, they thought it odd that the person in the dock, was not the person they had been sent to arrest.

    Anyway, long story cut short, the CPS are a bunch of cnuts who go with anything they see as a mark off the tally, regardless of the actual facts.

    Ie, we need a peado charged this week, or, we need a rapist etc etc, facts realtiy and actual proof mean sod all, its accounting figures that make them tick.
  6. Well even when you get them to court and they get found guilty they get to walk away a free man...

    Well, run away a free man.

    The whole system is laughable from start to finish. The only thing is, its not funny.
  7. It's not all the CPS's fault.

    Did you know that the Metropolitan Police PR budget is larger than the entire CPS London Budget?

    You have police on the one hand given guidelines to only bring a case to the CPS if it has a greater than 50% chance of conviction (ie 50.001%), but the CPS have recently been given a guide to only accept cases with a 70% or over chance of conviction - because there isn't enough money to fight even the good cases!

    Give them more money and they will see justice done.
  8. The CPS Performance Indicators are generally based around getting convictions at court.

    The Police Performance Indicators are generally around sanctioned detections (Getting someone charged for most criminal offences).

    Therefore The Police (who aren't innocent in all this) as hard as they try to get a job to court will have to meet several hurdles on the way. The Custody Sergeant, The Evidence Review officer and finally The CPS.

    I used to be of the opinion that ALL CPS were toss pots who were out to get rid of as many jobs as possible. I now see that they, like the police are put under pressure to perform under the performance culture that has been placed on them. It is wrong.

    The senior Police bosses need to be saying enough is enough. The measure of a good Police service should not be how many people they put in court but the absence of crime and disorder in their AOR. The bobbies themselves need to complain more and escalate it when decent jobs are turned away from a charge for silly reasons.

    The senior CPS bosses should be saying that if the Police Evidence Review Officer is feels that a job warrants going to go to court then it should go to court and The CPS should support this decision, win or lose. They are the crown prosecution service, not The Court Money/Face Saving Service.

    The current system allows too many people to play Judge and Jury. Our courts were formed to decide whether someone is guilty or not guilty. Anything else is nothing short of interfering with a tried and tested process in the name of blurring the figures, and saving money.
  9. Unfortunately Barristers within the CPS don't control their budget, or their performance targets. And it's about to be cut along with the rest of the public service budgets because of the credit crunch.
  10. Wasn't there a CC who said recently it was not the job of the police to prevent crime,or words to that effect?
  11. Our quality of life is defined by many things. Security is beyond price. If you fail to bring criminals to justice then you show them that there are less constraints and less consequences to their actions which, inevitably, will lead to a rise in crime.
    Our Police do an extremely hard job for an ever more demanding public. They are the first to be vilified if they fail to carry out their duty correctly or, it seems, if they don't know every aspect of every law on statute. Like soldiers they are being sent into the front line without the manpower or political support necessary to achieve their objectives.
  12. This is what comes of politicisation of the police"service" by the sociaist politburo that is running Britain down the tubes as fast as they can.

    Expect more of the same if,heaven forbid these Liarbore arrsewipes somehow win(or rig in their favour?) the general election next year.