An inexcusable waste of money

This is how Barack Obama described the F 22 program as the US senate voted to shelve it in favour of the F 35, as reported by the BBC World Service. “I reject the notion that we have to waste billions of taxpayer dollars on outdated and unnecessary defense products to keep this nation secure.” .

Is this a bold statement by a politician who is unafraid to get off the fence (unlike some of our Euro-efforts, waiting to see who would jump first on TRIGAT, MRAV and the rest) or a bit of political expediency after the fact? It does appear that he threatened a veto if the Senate hadn't acted as it did but there are some who lay the blame completely at his door: Obama to Cancel F-22 Fighter in Typical Lib Fashion; 95,000 Out of Work.

It appears that the funding effort will be switched to the F 35, though probably not all of it. There has been plenty of discussion on how effective F 22 is (including on this site) with some very interesting stuff here.

Whatever the politics behind it, I can only think that focusing on the F 35 can only benefit our own acquisition of JSF.


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