An Incisive and Utterly depressing look into how....

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Flagrantviolator, Oct 8, 2009.

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  1. Can someone who's not a Luddite like me please do a link to this address? I feel it's important. Thanks,
  2. Our aim is to please:

  3. Thanks lads.
  4. I disagree. I feel that it's a homophobic, christian fundamentalist diatribe spouted by someone who regards women as chattels. When did you get the papers served?
  5. Do one CHubb.
  6. So, you have no real reply. If I were Flashy's bird, I hardly think that I would have lasted this long only to be outed by you.
  7. Incisive- Penetracting, clear, sharp.....................

    Long and dull, failed to complete
  8. Joe, you sound like a feminazivegetesbian. Sad because you grew up without a dad? It's attitudes like yours which are ruining the western world. No morals. Sad, really
  9. This is now my new favourite word.....
  10. I too like that word (though I'm not too chuffed having it used against me). Feminist? No, I believe in fairness, not equality. Nazi? Well, I am both a nationalist and a socialist at heart, so that bit's probably justifed. Veggie? Hard to pin that on someone who eats steak tartare. Lesbian? Yes, only trapped in a man's body. Oh, and my dad recently celebrated his golden wedding anniversary with my mum. So, is your name Fred Phelps, and are you a member of West Boro Baptist Church, or is there a different reason for you being a woman-hating homophobic pseudo-Christian? (Has your missus moved her lesbian lover in, and you have to live in the caravan parked in your drive?)
  11. feminazivegetesbian?

    godwins law!


    godwins law
  12. Granted I didn't get much further than the third or fourth paragraph, but I gather that I should not have divorced my cheating lying husband after he broke my jaw, because he didn't want a divorce?