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Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by gobbyidiot, Sep 12, 2007.

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  1. Apolgies if it has been raised before - I had a look and couldn't see any mention.

    Some sites have a button which you can click to "Ignore all posts from this user". I dare say if it existed people would click it for me! Fair enough. But it would be a seriously useful feature. Reduce a lot of acrimony and trolls would waste their time banging away and not realise that nobody could see their nonsense.

    What do you think?
  2. I believe it already exists. Try looking at london-english's posts.
  3. If ARRSE has this feature then no-one would have answered you.
  4. There is a broader, "Troll-Cloak", which hides all posts from a user to everyone except "guests" (IE, if you log-out you can see the pricks posts), but it could be useful to have a button to click to ignore one member's posts, tied to your account.

    And a way of managing it.

    Well, that's what i thing my donated money should go on, anyway :)
  5. Big problem with it is the sise of the site - with an "official" membership of around 30000 that's a potential of 30000 individual ignore lists and up to 29999 entries in each one. With 2 byte member IDs that comes to a cool 1.8Gb just to hold the lists.

    In practice they obviously wouldn't grow anything like that big, but a pretty afe way to break a site is to build a MOD like that and underestimate the capacity needed ;)

    Also, the servers would have to check every single post against your individual list before serving you a post. With 15 posts / page that's a hell of lot of processing to slow the site down with - which is likely to become more annoying than the bone posts were in the first place!
  6. Fair one.
  7. msr

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  8. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    This has been raised before and is available for ous site software as part of an add-on called forums pro. Unfortunately forums pro is simply not designed for a site the size of ARRSE. I tested it and straight away found that the search function was unusuable with our DB for example.

    I never got beyond that to test the performance impact of the ignore system, but I can't see any way around what spunky monkey has said - large look up lists that need to be processed for every post, or at least every post by a user who has at least one 'ignorer'.

    Huge amounts of work, money and debate have gone on in keeping the DB running quickly despite its rapid growth and this would be a step the wrong way, unless we thinned out all the old crap posts from the DB to get it to a reasonable size, but that's another story.
  9. Delete Dale?
  10. Oooh, harsh.

    Are you hiding your true love for me RHM?
  11. I'm surprised the Fallshirmjaeger hasn't dropped in on this thread. :D
  12. He gave you your second response, Trigger.
  13. Oh dear, Sandman. You're usually pretty sharp. Has gobbyidiot's joke gone over your head? Or are you too subtle for me?
  14. Who said that? :)
  15. Do you really need a button to ignore those you'd rather not read. Just a glance and move on works for me. Let's not risk adding bugs to a site that runs so well. Besides which a poster may p**s you off one day and post something of interest the next . Remember the old REME motto "If it ain't broke , don't fix it".