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Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by Cielo, Mar 7, 2007.

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  1. Don't know if this has been suggested before (and apologies if it has as I'm not planning on sitting in fromt of my PC for about three years trawling all the threads to see if it has, sorry!) but is there any sort of glossary for all the terminology used on here?

    Now, I may be leaving myself open (easy lads...) to some pi$$-taking here, but I am of the civvie persuasion and don't want to look like a prize nugget asking what all the words and phrases in some of the threads mean...

    A glossary of some of the more common ones (like a Civvie-Army dictionary of sorts) would help me (and hopefully some others) feel like I'm not back in 2nd year senior school language lessons...

    Just an idea, ta very much!
  2. See ARRSEpedia.
  3. I think you might have left yourself open to a whole boat load of hurting comments matey...

    most of us can talk the talk because we've walked the walk.

  4. Thank you DozyBint...

    And medman82, I appreciate the comment but just because I'm not in uniform, it doesn't mean I don't have connections in the Forces. And I'm pretty sure this is a site for everyone, especially those who aren't forces wannabe's (and I most definitely not - please don't take that the wrong way, no offence intended to anyone...)
  5. You are quite correct, this is a site for everyone and everyone is made to feel welcome, I was merely stating that the armed forces seem to speak their own language of jargon, which is sometimes not easy to understand when one has not participated in any of said jargon previously.

    A journey to the arrsepedia should be of benefit and I hope to be reading some of your posts in the future.

    PS..If you're not a member of the forces, what makes you visit arrse in the first offence intended, just curious.
  6. LOL, just reading the Army Slang page now and it's starting to become clear - can I earn a GCSE in it? :thumright:

    And I have a couple of friends in the Army so they recommended I have a swatch at this site (and I'm loving it!)
  7. Cielo,

    Pinch of salt required. I expect if you posted this in the NAAFI forum then you may have got some stick. Some people struggle to give a sensible response on any forum on this site. (not a dig at MM)

    That said, if you are going to be a useful member of ARRSE then it is worth spending an hour or two looking around at what is available and how people on here do business (to save any red faces later).
  8. Thanks for the advice floppyjocky - I knew it'd be a bad idea to ask in the NAAFI Bar that's why I asked in here and you've all been really good with my ignorance so far (thank you!)
  9. I usually find this helps.
  10. Eh?
  11. Typical civvy reaction to a military statement.

    Sorry but I get bored and that's my flavour of the month.

    Take floppyjocky's advice and gen up quick otherwise you'll be eaten alive. Though not by me, I'm too nice.
  12. I get it, but not sure what relevance it has to the point being made...

    Thanks for the advice - all appreciated, honestly...
  13. What does IIRC stand for then?
  14. If I Remember Correctly
    Interactive Illinois Report Card
    If I Really Cared
    Internet Information Research Center
    If I Read Correctly
    If It Really Counts
    Image and Identity Research Collective
    International Internet Recruiting Consultants, Inc.
    Information Integrity Research Centre (UK)
    International Inter-Society Research Committee (on Nuclear Codes and Standards)
    Isn't It Really Cool
    Impedance Imaging Research Center (Korea)
    Immunity and Infection Research Centre
    International Interpretation Resource Center
    Inactive Item Review Code (US DoD)

    Take your pick mate... :numberone: