An Idea

For those of you that know me, you will know that I am a huge supporter of the RBL. The work they have done for me and, in fact, are still doing is fantastic and a relief. Without their help my family and I would have been hard pushed to get by.

With that in mind, I feel that my meagre donations do not repay them as I would want. However, I recently thought of something that may work. All I need is some feedback, please.

The idea is this:

As a veteran, all I have to show for 23 years service is a tiny badge. I am actually proud of what it represents and when it has been noticed by people, it changes attitudes and makes me feel proud when they say how much they respect the Armed Forces.

I think the veterans badge should be shown off with pride and a hell of a lot bigger!

What if the badge and the poppy of the RBL were merged in a design and put onto things like fleeces, sweaters and the like? If a good brand would add this design to some of their products, how many veterans would purchase them? All profits would go to the RBL.

Obviously this is just an idea. I'd have to get permission to use the logos, then get approval of the design as well as finding a decent brand, such as Northface or someone similar who produces quality items. But would it work?

It would be a lot of work, way more than I could manage in my near permanent comatosed state, but I have friends who may be able to help, even a professional designer (for logos and the like).

There are a lot of new and younger veterans who I think deserve to be noticed. This might just do that.

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