An extra 30 seconds on PFT

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, May 2, 2007.

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  1. today i have attained the ripe old age of &$ and therefore get approximately three and a half days to complete the PFT.

    obviously i shall be spending most of the day eating cake.

    how a birthday is different from any other day is beyond me...
  2. Happy birthday.

    Though I hear they always timed your PFTs with a calendar.
  3. My last PFT was 8.30 which sounds respectable until you realise I started it at 6.30.
  4. Happy Birthday CR! Do you still want that slim-me down corset? :) :p
  5. Many Happy Returns CR. You are never 74! You don't look a day over 40. Did you have the shift key held down when you typed your age?
  6. Happy birthday.

    Here's your extra 30 seconds .....

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  7. no, i just didn't want to type 35.

  8. Surely it should be $).
  9. Happy Birthday CR. It gets worse, trust me lol
  10. What time did you get on your last one?

    Or are you exempt on size / weight grounds?
  11. Now he has got that extra 30 seconds he may be able to pass one at last!
  12. Happy Birthday.
  13. cheeky f*cker :) it was 9:41.

    (9 hours 41 minutes)

    best ever was 8:21, but i weighed rather less in those days and my knees still worked.
  14. Welcome to the 11.30 club.. :wink:
  15. 9:41! I'm stunned. That means, believe it or not, you're fit enough to attempt selection!

    All though those that know you probably reckon you're only fit enough to attempt a selection box! ;)