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Led By The Grey

Peter DeCosemo discovered that many younger people don’t know about the bomb attack in Hyde Park in 1982.

This novel provides a minor history lesson in a highly entertaining style.

The hero of the story discovers at a very young age that he has abilities and skills not possessed by other children. When he tells adults that he can see flying horses they disbelieve him and so he learns to stay quiet. While being wound up by some older boys he later discovers that he is an Olympic standard bowman.

Many years pass and after moving to London he gets more involved not only with the flying horses, but with the horses of the Household Cavalry as well. He also learns why swans and other wildfowl scatter when he approaches.

Both his horse and archer's talents are put to the test on the day of Trooping the Colour when Freddy, Victoriana, the Pegusinni and others prevent a major tragedy.In the lead up to the major event, different species speak directly to each other so the scope for misunderstanding is vast and Peter uses that to maximum effect when messages are being passed along a chain. (Remember: "Send reinforcements, were going to advance" etc ... )

At first sight, this might appear to be a dry military history. It is not. Whilst the Household Cavalry is the background to this story, at its centre are the horses, the other animals that live in the London parks, three slightly batty, ageing hippie ladies and of course the teenage Freddy. Freddy's mum, his granny and his auntie also get involved, although they don't know it.

If you can imagine a teenage boy who talks to horses, gets carried over the high walls that surround the barracks and then has a conference with a real live 16 hands plus Irish Hunter before disappearing in front of the barrack guard then this is very definitely a story for you.

Led By The Grey

The title comes from the formation of the Queens Life Guard when proceeding to and from Guard Mounting at Horse Guards Parade. When a “long guard” is mounted, the trumpeter is at the front of the procession and is the only one to ride a grey horse.

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