An example to us all!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by zero-over, May 26, 2013.

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  1. Well done them.
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  2. Its not just the Men of Kent we can count on.
  3. Say his name 3 times in the mirror..... and he will come.
  4. But not to Kent, they've declared him vexatious and told him to bugger off.
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  5. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Erm I don't know how to say this but they seem to be getting awards for doing their jobs.

    Officers were also awarded for:

    Negotiating with man holding a knife
    Rescuing a woman from the sea
    Treating a stab victim
    Providing medical response
    Chasing wanted men
    Preventing the loss of life

    Am I being overly cynical?
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  6. HHH

    HHH LE

    Going by that list they didn't even catch the wanted men!
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  7. No no old chap, none of the above is in the standard politically plod remit nowadays.
    All they get taught in training is gender/transgender and ethnic sensitivity. They've gone well above and beyond by actually chasing baddies etc. its obvious really, if it were the norm why the awards???
    Kudos to em........
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  8. You know this is the internet equivalent of poking a wasps nest with a stick, don't you? Sure it's fun, sure you have the excitement of wondering what will happen next but you know - just know - that it's not going to be worth getting stung.
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  9. TBH I was thinking of typing that, but I went for the safer BB option. :)

  10. They had to do all this in the shadow of bouncingbanana don't forget.
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  11. But remember they do all this while finding the time to operate a massive conspiracy involving illegal drilling, the TA, generators, the Baron Short of ARRSE, something in NI can't remember, Middle Easterners, etc (I think Belgium might feature somehow).

    So hurrah and huzzah for the Kentish Plod and the Plod of Kent say I.
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  12. Yes, normal police responses are:

    Run away from a man with a knife and call for ARVs
    Leaving a woman to drown because you haven't been trained in sea rescue and issued water wings
    Not treating a stab victim in case he's got HIV
    Waiting for the ambulance
    Not chasing wanted men in case you fall over and bark your ankle
    Preventing loss of your own life
    Nicking someone for calling someone else a gay on the internet
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  13. I think you will find that their are a lot of medals and commendations given to soldiers for just doing their jobs, obviously VC, GC, MC etc not included. These folks probably got a bit of photocopied paper in a cheap frame saying well done. Not a Knighthood for being promoted to a rank with a huge pay rise, an OBE or MBE for a new idea or saving a bit of money.

    The Police Officer who was judged to be the bravest in the country last year, after he was stabbed in the head and neck several times and then continued to chase and arrest an offender got a hand shake from the Home Secretary, hardly any great recognition.

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