An example of idiocy at its finest...

Discussion in 'The Science Forum' started by botfeckid, Aug 19, 2007.

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  1. A lovely interview with a 'climate change protestor' at Heathrow:

    Yes, you are, aren't you, love? Errr, but perhaps not quite in the way you intended:

    Carbon emissions by aircraft:

    Return flight for 2 from Heath row to Greece: 904 kgs of CO2.

    (Link: Flight emissions calculator)

    Road journey by car - let's assume, as a middle-class professional who has run her own business, and is an eco-twat, that she's driving a green volvo diesel estate... The government taxes this at 209 gms/kilometer of CO2 emissions....

    (Link: Govt emissions values)

    The RAC's route planner gives a shortest route from London to Athens as 3111 km. So that's a round trip of 6000 km, more or less...

    (link: RAC planner)

    6000 times 209 = 1,254 kgs of CO2.

    Brilliant, you stupid, intellectually lazy, bandwagon leaping upon cow. By swallowing this bollcoks hook, line and sinker without doing 10 minutes research at a basic level, you have actually made the situation worse, by over 25%, not better, and given moral support to the other breast beating fools who prefer self-flagellation to hard fact and difficult decisions.

    (Edit - and, of course, that's without factoring in the additional carbon emissions of the channel ferry or the chunnel train)
  2. 3 Tank loads of petrol to get to greece - £120
    2 Rescued Hellenic Hounds - £50
    Making a cnut of yourself in public - Priceless
  3. The clue that the woman's a lunatic with no ability to reason is indicated not by the bandwagon-jumping, but by her statement that she was going to go all the way to Greece to "adopt" two dogs...
  4. Damn - I should have spotted that - good point... :lol:
  5. Drive all the way to Greece to adopt two dogs? Why exactly?
    Just box them up and fed-ex them, much easier.
  6. Talking about the absurdity of these eco-t*ats, I've heard today that a number of the Heathrow protesters flew in to Heathrow to take part in their little piece of bull-sh*t.
  7. What I do not get is why are they allowed to trespass and ruin private property? Does the right of assembly trump the protection of private property?

    If there is something to protest about, it is about the way heathrow is run! That is a protest I would support.
  8. Leave the dogs there and adopt two Greeks.. eco prob solved.
  9. And undoubtably, more worthwhile..
  10. Also interesting that the BBC parrot her viewpoint without picking up on its inherent logical fallacy: Good impartial and factual reportage there, then..
  11. Hopefully it will be a one-way trip and she'll be adopted by some dodgy greek bloke, with a pentiant for stupid english women :twisted:
  12. In Your quote, Ms Notley said she was going on "a driving trip". She didn't say she was going to Greece on a driving trip, she didn't say she was going to get two rescue dogs on I driving trip. They were just going on a driving trip - who knows to where.

    I have no truck with these people and if they break the law then they should be willing to pay the price, but inventing things in the way You invented that She drove a volvo isn't helping to create a decent arguement.
  13. Sven, don't be silly.

    He did not make up the Volvo thing as a point of pure fiction but decided through due process that this was the type of vehicle she would be driving. It would after all not be a battery operated car would it?

    Also, re-reading what she said:

    It is easy again to presume as she is talking about the two items in the same sentence that instead of flying she is now driving. Otherwise why would she be quoted as saying so?
  14. I have no truck with these people and if they break the law then they should be willing to pay the price, but inventing things in the way You invented that She drove a volvo isn't helping to create a decent arguement.

    Quite right Sven, she could be driving one of those eco friendly Honda's (prious or something like that), you know the one's that actually cost about £10k more than they sell them for, thanks to an eco subsidy lol! :eek:
  15. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    By taking the car -Train(Chunnel) - Ferry (to Greece) botfeckid estimated 1254 kgs of CO2.
    We agree that, this however is only for the car not the large diesel engine in the train or the probebly lowly maintained Greek ferry
    But what silly green b0llacks (not botfeckid) has not worked out is that this is not instead of the aircraft journey it's in addittion to the aircraft
    Unless she was going by private jet that aircraft will be sheduled and will take of even if there is only half a load on it
    So she has doubled the carbon emmisions far from saving the planet she is hurrying up it's destruction
    Given that :
    A) all the mongs at this protest will have got there by Bus, plane,rail or other means
    B)The police desended on the camp in there hundreds all in vans, cars and probabley had a helicopter up monitering it
    C) The media turned up mob handed with vans,cars,helicopters,outside broadcast trucks,generators to power there satalite dishes to broadcast
    They must have doubled Heathrows carbon footprint - in the name of reducing carbon footprints
    With fukcwits like this trying to save us were doooomed ah tell you doooooooooomed :D