An Estimate Too Far

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by signet192, Jul 26, 2007.

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  1. With Arnhem approaching and with what we are currently doing - is it me or are we doing An Estimate Too Far?
  2. Oh... I wondered what was going on. It's another of those estimate thingies, is it?

    Brilliant. Shoot me now.
  3. The dullest and most pointless 2 days I have spent on this course!

    Get me out of here!
  4. I spent an entire morning colouring in followed by an afternoon counting the flies stuck in the lightshades and then had to endure a 90 minute backbrief to the commander! I was thoroughly engaged throughout. The highlight was the questioning of the choice of CO Guns to do a particular job which may well be better suited to a different type of CO. Oh please! Get over the idea that just because you are the 'facilitator' we are going to pay any attention whatsoever. 'tis all arrse.
  5. Sorry to burst all of your bubbles but there is still the torture of tomorrow morning to endure. Oh and a fantastic AAR, WTF is going on around here? I thought at the end of every term you could do colouring in and you could wear civies. What about writing a story about your favourite toy? I'm sorry after today I've completely lost it, I was dreaming I was in the army.
  6. I am very proud of my staff output for the whole of Ex DAWN OWL: one slide. I hugged myself silly!
  7. Our syndicate wore as a badge of pride, the fact that not a single one of our slides made it into the AAR!