an escalation in age old warfare

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by batfink, Dec 20, 2008.

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  1. looks like the mice have stepped up the fight against the cats


    how will the feline fiends respond to this unprovoked attack?

  2. Been done Batfink.
  3. bugger, cheers blackrat
  4. Pleasure old chap. :D
  5. Page 2 on the NAAFI under "you couldn't make it up".
  6. I must say chaps, the title of this thread has a certain quality.
    It captures that rare spirit of humour, a quirk, if you will.
    Such that is only apparent to those who investigate further, unlike septic humour, or humor, which is often extremely obvious.

    It is so obvious I am led to understand, because septics cannot grasp the intricate delicacies, of real humour.
    Not for them the bland, dry sarcasm of the Englishman, no....
    Alas Ladies and Gentlemen, these people who call themselves our betters, show, by these vulgarities, that they have not, and will not, reach the dizzy heights, of true civilization.

    Good day
  7. FB, have you been nudging the turps?
  8. That my dear fellow, is probably an understatement,
    I fear I may also be in the throes of heatstroke as even as we speak, in the late afternoon, it must be atleast 25 degrees...

  9. Not in fecking London it isn't.
  10. That is an unfortunate geographical mishap i am afraid.
    For here in Africa we would give our left nut for such weather.

    The heat is of the drowziness inducing kind, and is prone to attracting those dastardly mozzies.
    One might indeed go so far as to say that it is hot enough to melt and disfigure our own bollocks,
    similar to the charming limerick,
    about an Indian and a gutter.