An epithet for Blair

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by frenchperson, Nov 16, 2006.

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  4. Tony Pinnochio Blair

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  9. Tony Doing Time Blair

  10. Tony Pillow Biter Blair

  1. Our leader has only got a matter of months to go now. And who knows where he'll be in a year's time? Touring the world on the international speech circuit? Sipping on a fine Burgundy, whilst putting the finishing touches to his memoirs? Or perhaps he'll be pacing a 6 x 6 cell at Her Majesty's pleasure?

    Whatever, the time must be right to mark the end of his tenure by choosing a suitable name from the above list...

    Any other suggestions are most welcome.
  2. As long as i see the stake go through his cold dead, sorry undead heart,
    The grave diggers piling on the dirt and then trampling a thousand wild horses over his grave ,
    Then I really couldn't care if he's ever remembered , by anyone, anywhere , ever !
    Maggie had her faults, but she faced them,
    No more sleaze
    and you fools believed it
    ALL TOO MUCH SLEAZE is far more accurate
  3. For him to leave Downing Street with "things can only get better" ringing in his ears. Preferably with the sh!t wearing handcuffs.

    Given that he's abolished the double jeopardy rule we can try him as many times as necessary until the jury comes up with the right verdict.
  4. As epithets go I've always thought 'Cnut' was the most suitable; short, accurate and to the point.

    As epitaphs go, perhaps the most common Arrsers' spelling of the cnut's name, 'Bliar' sums him up admirably.
  5. If what OldAdam had said was on the list, either of them would have done.
  6. Tony"Was dragged screaming from Downing Street and burned at the stake by an outraged citizenry" Blair? Has a certain ring to it, I feel.
  7. Surely the Great Helmsman's name has become an epithet in itself? You know the sort of thing: "I did a Blair on the bank manager and he loaned me £450k more than is justified for my mortgage" or "I was caught giving my brothers wife the good news but managed to Blair my way out of it" or "I did a Blair on the Americans and got one of the kids a sinecure placing" or ......... well, you get the general idea.
  8. Following on from rickshaw's thoughts, I can well imagine "porkie" being replaced by "Blair", in the sense of: "Don't Blair me, I know the truth!", or: "Don't tell Blairs!"

    In fact, I hope it happens during the slimy shite's life! Let's see how he expains that one to his Septic buddies.

  9. I was just wondering this morning that when I was a lad a good percentage of the parliament were ex-servicemen or at least had grown up during the war years.

    Consequently they empathised with the average squaddie very well.

    Now my kids have grown up with most politicians that are ex-lawyers, whose duty it is to never concede or admit a mistake, under any circumstances, lest the (other clients') lawyers acknowledge that weakness and take the opportunity to their advantage.
  10. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    The idea of an epithet for B-Liar is fine -

    But what I would like is the last words he should hear:

    "Squad! Present! Aim! Fi..........

  11. B-Liar will be allowed to shuffle off into vaguely respectable retirement when he leaves office. The only fly in that particular ointment is the Metropolitan Police iquiry into the 'cash for honours' affair. I hope that we get to see the police interviewing B-liar under caution..
  12. Agreed, with the proviso that it be the Met firearms branch and he in a padded jacket...
  13. How about:
    Here lies Tony Blair;
    Cnut. Traitor. Coward. Liar. Whore. Murderer.
    In Death, may he recieve the reward he earned in Life
    - being spit-roasted for all Eternity by Satan and Saddam Hussain.
    Burn in Hell.
  14. In our house when the turtles head begins to touch cloth I proudly announce to Mrs B that "I am off for good Blair and a read of the newspaper". I cant wait until my son goes to playgroup and announces the same thing to his Guardianista teachers.
  15. Similarly, while out walking where dogs have been, our family cautions each other not to tread in the Blair.