An Englishmans home IS his castle!!

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by monkey104, Jul 17, 2007.

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    So a third of people keep a weapon close by in their home to protect against burglars.
    With the rise of violent burglaries it was inevitable. I keep a large Rottweiler close by. But I can see a change in the law coming which would hopefully bring us more into line with the USA with regards protection in the home.
    I believe in making my home look secure in the hope the scum move on to a softer target, however if I found someone in my house i would damage him in such a way that makes it look like they injured themselves while running away
  2. A change of law is required.

    If you are caught in another persons property (ie in a car or house) then you legally become their property. And they can do with you as they wish.

    "Bring out the Gimp"

    That'll learn 'em.
  3. Or cover em in marmite and bring out the salivating German Shepherd Dogs!
  4. Like all castles, we need arrow slits and boiling tar to pour on the intruders.

    This is why we need conscription and an empire, then all the scum can be sent off to die fighting for a square yard of sand!
  5. As long as the sand is the bit with the oil in it.
  6. Let me see if an intruder comes into our houses we have to law abiding, not use force and treat them with dignity.

    If the same intruder broke into an MP's house or Buckingham Palace he would be faced with Armed Response, guard dogs and 20 spooks interiewing him with torture.

    I say we should have equality and if you go to rob a house, intrude where your not wanted then expect a fate worth than death. :evil: CNUTS