An Englishman's Home is His Castle

.... My ARRSE!!

Except when a couple of Pikeys decide they want what is in it.

I sleep with a rubber mallet by the side of the bed to 'deter' would be scroats when caught chez moi. They would get the good news from said mallet. Protection of the wife and seven year old daughter is my priority. My defence would be that if I wanted to kill them it would be a metal mallet.

Hopefully never have to see if this would stand up in court.


Its beginning to look like the inmates are running society.

I also have a silent hammer and a blackthorn, which I need anyway.

The law is an ass :mad:
It has also now occurred to me that Tony Martin wouldn't be getting sued if he had slotted them both straight off.

He needs to get some target practice in when he get's out so he won't miss any of them next time.


Always surprised me he was convicted in the first place-he would not have been if I had been on the jury

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