An emergency? Call 112!

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by vvaannmmaann, Dec 2, 2009.

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  1. After reading the current Shooting Times,a letter caught my eye.
    The guy wrote that during a recent training course,he was made aware of using 112 as an alternative to 999.It seems that the 112 system can use satellites to track the caller,as an aid to locating a person in trouble and it also has better coverage than the 999 system.
  2. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

    better coverage, is anyone suggesting that the UK does not have universal 999 access then

    112 has been open for UK emergency calls for donkeys years

    Satellite tracking, I am afraid that's fanciful nonsense. The US has something called reverse 911 that uses information from the carriers to geo locate landlines and of course the mobile operators do the same. In the UK we have much the same system. The US is a bit more advanced though because of the number of large buildings, with some move to matching the originating number with a more granular location in a building.
  3. This is what he is thinking of;

    "When you make an emergency call, your
    phone can use Assisted Global Positioning
    System (AGPS) satellite signals to tell the
    emergency response center your approximate
    The AGPS feature has limitations, so always
    tell the emergency response center your best
    knowledge of your location. Remain on the
    phone for as long as the emergency response
    center instructs you.
    AGPS might not work for emergency calls:
    • Your phone’s AGPS feature must be Your local emergency response center
    might not process AGPS location
    information. For details, contact your
    local authorities.
    For best results:
    • Go outside and away from
    underground locations, covered
    vehicles, structures with metal or
    concrete roofs, tall buildings, and
    foliage. Indoor performance might
    improve if you move closer to
    windows, but some window sun
    shielding films can block satellite
    • Move away from radios, entertainment
    equipment, and other electronic
    devices that might interfere with or
    block AGPS satellite signals.
    If your phone cannot find strong AGPS
    satellite signals, the location of the nearest
    cell tower in contact with your phone is
    automatically provided to the emergency
    response center."
    Thanks to Motorola for that, just one small detail not available in the UK . oh and the bit that I like for septic users "Your phone’s AGPS feature must be turned on

  4. 112 is the standard emergency number here in Cloggyland.