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An emergency? Call 112!

After reading the current Shooting Times,a letter caught my eye.
The guy wrote that during a recent training course,he was made aware of using 112 as an alternative to 999.It seems that the 112 system can use satellites to track the caller,as an aid to locating a person in trouble and it also has better coverage than the 999 system.

Take some of the differences with a pich of salt. There is also an email going around spam saying that 112 will work even when 999 does not due to lack of a phone signal.

112 is an international standard, instead of all the different numbers throughout Europe / the world.

The position of a mobile can be tracked with varying levels of accuracy either by the access aerial, triangulating multiple access aerials or by GPS in the phone. There is no super difference between 999 and 112 in respect of the tracking of the caller.

A while ago all mobiles would be capable of working with no sim card to the 'emergency' number, and if the keypad was locked the emergency number could still be dialed. I note that the FAQ for the UK says that is not possible to make an emergency call, but that my relate to the changes in phones that if a sim is not in place the phone just says 'network not allowed'.
You may be able to dial and call 112 irrespective - but don't try it out just for curiousity.

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