An early April fool?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by 1st_of_Pants, Mar 19, 2006.

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  1. Rumour reaches me that in a certain regiment, AGC and Medical personnel are spending a night in a 12x12 tent which is to be pitched on the grass outside their TAC in order to satisfy a requirement that they spend a night in the field to qualify for their bounty...

    Or is it an early April fool? Or even a sign of the times?

  2. Perhaps they are working to the new MATTS,
    from next year you can claim the following alternatives

    Range day - consists of playing PS2 Medal of Honour,

    Navigation - getting to the TAC using nothing but public transport.

    First Aid - Watch a couple of episodes of Casualty

    Phys - Getting to the TAC without using public transport.

    15 day camp - Thompsons travel - 18-30plus - Ibiza

    And its not even April - Who is the joke on??
  3. Navigation, my TAC could class that as OBUA!
  4. ah yes

    the lovely Manor!!

    at least you will soon be vacating, Hillsborough or Nottingham???
  5. I rather like this - if it's true that the Medics are interpreting the new rules in this way, then good on them.

    Any fool can be cold and wet, you have to be clever to stay warm and dry...!!.

    It's a timely reminder that against the tsunami of grim faced regular initiated rules and regulations for a "better" TA, that we can still duck and dive amongst it all and bend the rules to suit us.

    Now, what about that swim test? - anyone for a Sqn trip to the Algarve this summer???
  6. When I read the title of this thread I assumed it would be a FAS TA thread - oh well!
  7. Annual camp last year we stayed at tac as our ranges were salisbury plain .They only wanted us to sleep in tents outside tac or mount a fire piqucet .Claimed because of H&S issues :roll:
  8. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha - rock on!!.

    I'm going to suggest we stay at the TAC for all MATT training, - paddling pool in the mess for the swim test.
  9. Did you have to take your own sarnies?
  10. Medics have their own rules anyway.

    Ex Lionheart, 1984. BMH Iserlohn was in the throes of NBC devastation. Something like 3-4 days in noddy suits, mostly at red. BUT, the NAAFI was declared a nuclear-free zone during bar hours - suits off, neck beer, then back to the war!
  11. Maybe this isn't an April fool. I've seen a field kitchen erected in a TA centre vehicle park, about 20 yards from the TAC's own fully-fitted kitchen, just so the chefs could get a tick in the box. No names, no pack drill (Tyne Tees - slackers).
  12. surely the FArSe announcement will turn out to be a late april fool (and I'm not taking odds on which year) or have I missed the much anticipated announcement
  13. it's on Thursday in the HofC
  14. May be an urban myth, but friend recounted his amazement at finding a full-blown disco in progress on Otterburn training area - sides down on a Bedford, sound system on the back - some TA Field Hospital who had a rather different idea of "tactical" to his own unit 8O
  15. they really don't appreciate having thunderflashes thrown at them either
    psi encouraged that bit of hooliginism