An Aussie Lady looking for someone to write to

Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by MissNoni, Dec 3, 2009.

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  1. Hiya, My name is Fiona and my english friend who is the wife of someone in the army suggested I have a look at this seeing as I love men in uniform......Apparently she said I would like it .... Soooo I am 35 and am near Holsworthy in Australia. I have a wicked an cheeky sense of humour and have been told its a bit dirty sometimes lol.....yeah i'm short and have long hair and blue eyes.

    I am one of those rare females that will answer anything I am asked openly and honestly.

    so looking forward to hearing from you guys

  2. I am affraid any mention of Boobs needs an accompanying photo as proof ;)
  3. Gents, check out the gallery before replying! 8O
  4. hehehe proof can be arranged.....
  5. Prob best you've not shown your head..........
  6. Sorry, but if you think that an out-of-focus, poorly composed shot of somebody's chest is going to stir any interest, you may be disappointed. We're not all shallow, you know.

    Flash, on the other hand.............
  7. I have most men look straight at my boobs.....can't get there eyes of them
  8. Because they can't stand to look at the rest of you?
  9. so what do you want to see then? other tit shots or . . . . . ?
  10. account suspended when anyone clicks on your profile would be a start...
  11. A gravestone?
  12. Or you could answer a question honestly, as is your wont.

    So. Is Manley really the nicest beach in Sydney, and which would be the most interesting road trip: Sydney to Perth or Sydney to Brisbane?

    Honest answers, mind.
  13. You're too thoughtful.
  14. Jarrod does have a sensitive side after all
  15. SEEN!