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An attractive young lady

Nice pub mate by all accounts but not drank in there myself. Heard good things about it though. I was more interested in the Roman ruins outside it than the pub itself when I lived there!

Being the boring cunt that I am!
Serious case of BOBFOC there.

I don't know what it is about the dentists I've been to but every single one has had a nurse or receptionist that would in normal circumstances give me a diamond cutter. The only problem is that I'm too busy being petrified at having my nashers examined (and having images of Lawrence Olivier's character in 'Marathon Man' flashing through my mind) to actually care. All I'm thinking is 'Hmmm, she nice ... Oh fuck, he's got that fish hook out ... Jesus help me ... 'Is it safe?' ... 'Is it safe?' ... AAAARRGGHHH!'.
You used to be the same age but not any more? How do you work that one out?
Celebs are not like us hoi-polloi; they have birthdays once every two to three years instead of every year like plebs. I believe that some actresses are as much as six years younger than their former class mates who are now 70+.

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