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Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by charlieboo, Sep 17, 2005.

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  1. Correct. It is an article. Rather than a link we tend to like your views to get the thread going. Or is it you in the picture? Maybe a journo seeking opinion?
  2. its Corps not Corp! and is prounounced Core.
  3. Interesting. It would be my advice to all to ignore this and "Charlieboo". Not a good firstday and first posting mister boo, I think "Watertight" may be correct as to your profession.
  4. I hold no view, nor do I seek your views on the article in question. I merely wish to inform.
  5. Sun or Mirror?
  6. Firstly he is a "Masturbator" for posing the photo in the first place and letting it get into the public domain, but more importantly which retard decided to defend their position once they had been caught by the "PC police" with this diplomatically worded diatribe
    I thought that our OTC was bad, because we had slightly too many biffs and a bloke in pantaloons! No wonder OTC cadets are viewed as being a bit sad and socially inept if in other parts of the country idiots like this are getting up to speak and cruising around recruitment fairs representing the British Army without so much as a commision (one hopes) telling people how hes doing his bit for (the cause over the water and) Queen and country!

    What a retard!

    - Interesting that his expletive torrent -possibly fabricated by the journo- makes no allusion to the peace process and the problems it had been solving until recently, or that the view he expresses could equally be worded by a Southern Irish unionist asking Northern prods to do as the Irish do or get out.

    Student political comment a waste of time in this day and age - combined with a wantonly imflammatory image is absolutely pointless - you arent going to change the world or make history, your just going to piss someone off and if you want to do that FFS don't do it in C95. If you want to Walt it up in Loyalist gear then FFS dont wear kit issued by the British Government whilst still at university, If you really wanted to do your bit for the cause then go to Belfast and get shot on your own time!

    Rant ends!

    Im not a liberal - and selective quotation will do a lot for your cause Mr Journo (that hasnt posted here ever before but turned up to hear our opinions! ) If you take a cross section of most of the Henriettas and Benedicts being educated in Edinburgh you would probably get an equally "interesting" view of immigrant status. Edinburgh Uni - Full of posh twits living on Daddies cash doing art-history and Humanities!
  7. speeking of art-history and sponging of Dady, what is wills doing at uni? ;)

    And what is it you wish to inform us of? that some people can make an arrse of themselves eh mister boo.
  8. He was doing art history (the history of colouring things in) but changed to do colouring in instead.

    semester one:
    In this diagram the river mouth is on the coastline. Should you indicate the river by:
    C)cross hatching?
    D)colouring in?
    E)I dont know, but My daddy owns your county!
  9. Bennet: I think it is safe to assume that Wills is a Loyalist - well if he wants any Christmas presents of Granny anyway!

    Oi journo if you want real story why dont you work out where the missing Alpaca herds have got to in West Wales! - You'll get a Pullitzer Prize Im sure!
  10. What do you think he gets for crimbo? diamond studded cartier watch or Scotland? ;)
  11. Duchy of cornwall marmalade and a few Biros from the Windsor Castle gitshop (slight fire damaged)

    and of course a medal! A'la OCDT Wales
  12. speaking of OCdt Wales. Whats the latest goss?
  13. Last I had heard He'd had a Birthday and had a lovely piece written about him in all the papers.

    All the Journalists got excited that he was planning on doing his bit for the country - State the bloody obvious, why dont you!
  14. God, Andy Milne must be bored if this is his biggest scoop ever.