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An article you wouldnt expect from the Guardian.


Read it (scanned it actually) quite interesting. Firstly it was Philby that decided to establish the Saud family as the custodians of Mecca, chasing Lawrences' 'hasemite' buddies (i.e. Shariff of Mecca) out. Philby falls out with the UK, and falls in with the Americans (a mistake that his son Kim would later redress :twisted: ), oil & money and we madrassa throughout the muslims world propagating wahhabi/salafi doctrine, which should really be considered a political movement more than a merely religious one, contentious as what today has been described as 'Islamism' is said to be rooted in the Muslim brotherhood and I believe the founder said 'When they ask you of your religion tell them it contains its own socio-political and economic system' (paraphrased). I'm certainly not accusing anyone of being a sect, but there are political forces at work here, least of all the post mandate world of WWI.

Personally I think it was the 'mechanic' nature of both the Latins (think Roman Empire) and the Teutons (Holy Roman Empire) that I think played a part, unswerving obedience and deferrence which was at root of the Fascist/NDSAP phenomena of the 20th Century. To my mind the Arabs are a much more abstract people, both in language (structure syntax bla bla bla) and culture than the Europeans. That is not to play down their efficiency, but I think Lawrence called them a people of individual genius. The madrasa have been at work for around a hundred years, and tho' I am not partial to biological determinism, the Arabs are a far older crew than merely the last 100 years, I believe the Arab mind by nature is pragmatic, but that's just my opinion...

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