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Discussion in 'Australia' started by beagleboy, Feb 1, 2012.

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  1. Well for starters it wasn't written by an officer - where it should of come from, and definitely not a journo - because it contains truth.

    Defence force behaviour is better than you think - Opinion - Editorial - General - The Canberra Times

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  2. Hi BB, although you are correct in saying that it wasn't written by an officer, if you have a gander at this link he most certainly used to be. Sorry!

    Neil James - On Line Opinion Author
  3. My admittedly vague impression of James is that he's generally either fairly supportive of the ADF or at least measured in his criticisms.
  4. Correct in the author - Neil James being an ex officer. I only wish that the article was written by a serving 'senior' officer somewhere at the executive level of the ADF. Methinks that the current serving batch are too shit scared of the minister, and saving their worthless careers.
  5. Ex-Aust Int Corps, and doing a bloody good job.
  6. You want someone from the SES 2 level mate!

    EL1/EL2/LTCOL/COL's make the tea and push paper round at Russell lunatic asylum.
  7. "Federal Sex Discrimination Commissioner, Elizabeth Broderick, has noted that rates of sexual harassment (and particularly sexual assault) at the Australian Defence Force Academy are much lower by orders of magnitude than those occurring in Australia's civil universities and TAFEs and that she is unable to quantify the difference in detail only because the civil tertiary institutions keep inadequate records and are not as transparent and publicly accountable as our defence force."

    You don't recruit Fijians then!
  8. Nice to read a more balanced approach.

    Such a shame that the meeja only seem to be able to portray serving members of the military (and I can only go on UK meeja sources) as either thugs or heroes. And never the twain shall meet.

    Thanks for publishing BB.
  9. Well, I posted it abliet within the Australian Forum, however, I do believe, having worked with you brits that the defence forces (army) aren't that dissimilar in ethos, so I guessed the article may have some relevancy to you guys.
  10. G'day all! Very interesting article BB and after being down under for almost three years now with family members in the ADF and working on and off with the DOD (as a civ) I agree with it.

    Youre quite right the ethos between the Brits and Aussies is similar (as many of the laterals might agree) but I think overall they are very different Armies now and have been for a while. The contrast between my former lot and the Aus army with discipline problems is stark. Also the Aus media are even worse in how they try and dish as much dirt on the ADF over a trivial matter whilst at the same time running stories on the 'ANZAC spirit'. how great the diggers are etc.

    Case in point: the three diggers caught drinking in Dubai or Kuwait( Please correct if Im wrong, cant find the news clipping) whilst on R & R from Ghan. They were ordered back to their unit to be charged, OZ media went mad over the story and I if I recall either Steven Smith or some one else in DoD had to hold a news conference in order to apologise! Imagine the same story this time with squaddies... not only caught drinking but they would have pissed on the bar, curled one out on the table, tried to shag the barmaid and generally caused an international incident! I.E. a good Daily Mail story.

    Certainly ADF has its problems as the article states and you do hear the odd story of diggers in strife down town but generally I believe diggers are better behaved than my former lot.

    Intresting that part of the ANZAC legend was the 'larrikinism'of the diggers (stickin it to the straight laced Pommies, getting into trouble in Egypt etc etc..) and that now adays it can be argued its the reverse!
  11. Apologies for blundering into your strange little part of the site, and not wishing to be offensive, as I know how sensitive some of you diggers can be, but...

    What you describe here, I shit you not, are acts that occurred pretty much every weekend throughout the cold war years in BAOR. Usually before the main drinking session started. :)

    And some folk are clamouring for a gong for this.

    @ beagleboy. Informative post. (A bit like mine really.)