An Arrse ring tone?

Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by PartTimePongo, Jan 7, 2006.

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  1. If we had an Arrse ring tone, what tune would it be? Or would it be a specially composed one? What tune would capture the flavour of Arrse?

    Why should we have one PTP?

    Because it would be a giggle if a 3* 's mobile went off to that tune :D

    ...and the same reason people wear Arrse ties..
  2. The dambusters theme?
  3. London Underground song? Mainly cos I like it...
  4. Good plan, and it could raise funds for Arrse. The onlyones that pop into my head is either Monty Python theme tune or Blackadder. Maybe one needs to be composed???
  5. Wait for the Wagon - not that I wish to take a partisan approach to this you understand ;)
  6. ELASTICA - Your Arse My Place
    THE DARKNESS - Stuck In A Rut (Kiss my arse, kiss my arse goodbye)
  7. Dont be silly thats RAF,

    Im thinking theme to Great Escape but it is already a popular tune.

    It needs to be an obscure but easily recognised tune
  8. That tune from Carnival of the Animals by Saint-Saens that was used on the Tesco's advert?

    "There's not mushroom in here" lololol

    Or maybe a unique composition , I'm sure there are "design-a-choon" websites on the interweb...
  9. Is there a country that comprises most of the Arrse colours? (assuming no pink out there!) Maybe their national anthem...
  10. As opposed to having a tune, why don't you just have the word 'AAAARRRRRRSSSSSE' repeated until you answer. Be fun on the bus.

    ARRRRRSSE............ARRRRRSE..................ARRRRRRRSE......"Oh hello Mum, what's that......"

    You can have it done in a choice of regional accents.
  11. The Muppet Show theme
  12. If people can decide on a tune, I should be able to sort something out*.

    What format would people want it in? There are probably still some technophobes out there with crap phones....

    * Being a "gay bandy" (musician) and all that
  13. It should be something original, or how will we know its an arrser.

    unless you hear the tone and see it being answered by an arrse sock and tie wearing individual
  14. how about Amarillo? Camel Toe?