An Arrse limited edition watch.

hantsbloke said:
Where would I post this correctly? :)


Post what exactly?
Where to post to see if there would be enough response to a limited edition watch with ARRSE on the watch face.

ps not my arrse i might add


Second hands. I get it.

Is it a watch?
Post it here I guess.

a. What'd it look like
b. What'd it cost
c. What Guarantee comes with it
d. Have you spoken to GCO or BCO on the subject
e. How much is going to charity/ ARRSE coffers out of the cost of the watch?

oh and stick me down for one if it's an Omega Seamaster/Speedmaster lookalike and under 30 quid
Probably the COs in the first instance, to see whether they object.. I presume they hold copyright.

Then you'd need independent testing to ensure that it's safe for sale. I could do this, but you need to hurry as it's nearly Xmas.
hantsbloke said:
Just got an idea, but red wine flowing..................maybe a watch with

"walts r us"

no Im being serious re LTD watch.

What a Laser Target Designator watch, cooool.
You've already posted it here first.

Do you want to know where to post this second?
who arrse is on this watch ? and i like the idea of the laser target designator, what else does is do? does it tell the time etc.
I'm not sure about the laser target designator bit.

Does it project a beam indicating "There's the target."

Or does it just glow, indicating "Aim here."
fcuk, ive cut myself, or you are all to sharp? no this was a serious post, cut me some slack, my feeling is that this could snow ball, so need the right place to start!

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