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Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by quiller, Oct 8, 2003.

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  1. Anyone care to put it up on GIJargon, where Dubya can do no wrong?
  2. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    Very impressive ..... glad I have a broadband connection though!
  3. cutting military housing what a ******

  4. have done. wonder what they'll think? oh yes they have to be told that first!
  5. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    The less bright ones jumped straight down his throat. Now they've all calmed down everyone's having a group hug.

    So come on Quiller were you really trying to wind them up on purpose.....
  6. As my very first post on ARRSE, I'm not sure whether jumping into the lion's den (or in my case, throwing myself in front of the firing squad) is a good idea, but here I go...

    Did it ever occur to the members of this site that you all can be just as harsh and judgemental and closed-minded at the Jargonites when some one doesn't agree with you?

    I have been reading through some of your posts, and I must say, your thoughts and beliefs, though often different from mine, are very well-thought out and backed up, so I certainly respect your opinions. On this matter, however, it is almost humorous how similar you and the Jargonites can be..

    *prepares for the onslaught*
  7. The difference, of course, is that we're British and they're foreign.
  8. The problem quiller is the person doing the critical looking is a jackass named moore...this isn't a critical look it is a bent observation by a few morons that never served Thank God.

    These ass wipes don't want to help the military, they want to further a political agenda of resentment against Bush...these same SOBs have gutted and disparaged the military every year they were in charge.

    As for the layout and technology involved in creating the website...nice work, to bad broadband access is required to get the full affect

    And BTW it was not recieved in a positive light on Jargon, and quiller had to back track and was offended by the response he got, making excuses for the reason he potsed it.
  9. Very good but what is also interesting is that I have heard that we in the UK armed forces are also about to face the brunt of the cost of the war.

    History first:

    Until last year when there was a war or deployment (Bosnia for example), the government paid for it from a fund set up specifically to pay for such unforeseen eventualities. Last year the government got rid of this fund and declared that if an emergency should happen costs fall where they lie.

    Guess what?

    Costs do fall where they lie for Op Telic. Guess what... the increase in defence budget does not cover TELIC.


    The MOD is being asked to find in year savings to pay for Op TELIC. What does this really mean.

    Well operationally what can we do without?

    Army Medical Services (oh sorry they have already been pretty much chopped haven't they...the TA appear to have the only deployable Medical units).

    Well OK what about logistics:

    Well the DLO has done an excellent job of saving money in that area too and we are now down to the bare minimum of reseve stocks (probably prior to the war ... we probably don't have any now), so no fat to take from there.

    Alright then what about the procurement process.

    Well a number of projects are under fire (although I suspect Eurofighter isn't even though in the last ten years we have always had air supremacy). Expect some cuts I would suspect to some of the more Naval projects as ships cost a fortune and massive savings could be made by getting rid of some of those projects.

    What else?

    Well what else do we have? Yes you have guesseed it the easiest way to save money is by having less people. Stand by for cuts. Not little ones, big ones. The best way to save money is to cut regiments, battalions etc.

    But you shout we are overstretched as it is?

    Well no apparently not because we won in Iraq with 1 Armd Bde, 1 Cdo Bde and an Air Assault Bde that currently has no attack helicopters. Surely for medium scale ops thats all we need then?

    Military staff, government officers, the next time we go to war we are going to lose, you undermine our ability to fight effectively by penny pinching in procurement and by not allowing our armed forces time to recuperate from deployment and train effectively for the next one. Governments in the last 13 years have slashed the military manpower and capability, they have not allowed time for these "reorganisations" to be evaluated, we hear them talk about overstretch as if it happens to someone else...well it doesn't happen to the Prime Minister, because he makes sure he sees his wife and kids most nights and gets his full entitlement to leave as well. Sadly after the next round of defence cuts (sorry money saving measures) I suspect that we will not have a viable defence capability.
  10. Just being devils advocate here and responding...but

    Well has Bush ever served? If serving was a pre-requisite for having an opinion...It also seems strange that while I agree Michael Moore is a self obsessed arrsehole that takes up most crusades, he is actually standing up for the armed forces.

    This comment seems strange to me, seeing as these people are objecting to what Bush is planning to do to the military, and perhaps Bush is the object of this attack because HE is gutting the military. Just a thought...

    I think you'll find that Quiller didn't backtrack and became a little exasperated at the blanket support for Bush and his plans for the military. And as for a bunch of dick sucking spams offending him....ROFLMFAO!

    What the fck do you think he was doing there and posting that for other than to wind you brainless twaats up you fcking dickwipe?
  11. Shotgun,
    Yes Bush did serve he was a fly boy in the Texas Air National guard, but as you stated it really doesn't matter. Moore is just a self absorbed fcuk wit that couldn't find his dick if you cut it off and handed it to him.

    No...they have never given 2 sh!ts about the military and never will. This is purely a vehical to advance their cause. These fcuk witted b*stards would screw their own dog if it got their liberal asses back in power. and after they screwed the dog they would have the dog pound come by and pick it up.

    Finally Bush doesn't buget the military the congress does. The president makes policy and has to petition congress for funds. Congress drafts and approves the budget. Bush could only veto it, and hope that Congress doesn't over ride his veto.

    The whole premise of the website is wrong, doesn't surprise me seeing that Bush is educated and Moore never saw the inside of a college except to fcuk the lab rats.

    But thanks for responding shotgun.
  12. oh yes Bush served until it looked like he might have to go to vietnam then he bottled out.
    More of a coward than clinton who at least objected to the war. Bush was pro war as long as he did'nt have to go :twisted:
  13. Some good points made from over the water though.
    Using the logic that Moore is pro-US Army, would this make the Troops Out mob pro-British Army? I think not.
    Hate to say it but the Spams probably have more info on this than we do.
    (There, that almost sounded like an intelligent contribution, now back to pi55 taking).
  14. If Bliar was doing to the Brit army what Bush is doing to the US army then yes, maybe the pro-troops out mob might have a point if that was the basis of their gripe.

    While I agree there are some good points all round, the link to that bit of Flash, and Moore, has a point too. It just seems strange that it takes an anti-war piece of software to support the troops, and the pro-war lobby is kicking them in the nuts.