An army of Lesbians (feminists) to invade London tomorrow.....

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bigeye, Mar 7, 2013.

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  1. UK Uncut advise that in order to celebrate International Women's day a horde of feminists will be marching on the city (not sure which one) in order to reclaim 'feminist space' whatever that may be... What this will inevitably mean is that I'll end up following the hairy brutes all the way from Lewisham to the 'yet to be revealed' location.

    UK Uncut · London, Fri 8th Mar 2013

    ...and it won't be anything like this: images.jpg
  2. "open to people of all genders and none".

    I've seen those words before, I know that I have used them, I can even give their definitions at a push, but I have no idea what that sentence means.
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  3. Jesus...
  4. Seems as though they might might be aiming for the City (as opposed to Westminster).
  5. [​IMG]

    Just remember folks, your Lesbian fantasy doesn't always equal the harsh reality.
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  6. With Lena carrying the banner to Buck House?
  7. That's half of Kajagoogoo innit?
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  8. They're BLOKES.
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  9. One armed black lesbians against nucking the whale, great!

    So fo all who work in London another day of disruption as, as always, the event will be hijacked by thugs and central London will be a no go area with all cost for policing, damage repair and cost to insure increasing bourne by the ever streached taxpayer.
    Don't you love democracy?
  10. Ah'm a guessing that those two fellers are from Tennessee.
  11. Weren’t they backing singers for Ultravox or some other 1980's group, mmmmmmmmmmmmm nice !!!!!!!!!!
  12. Send the bill to UKUncut!
  13. There may be some biffing. So it's not all bad.
  14. Love to but, due to the fact they are nolonger funded by the former Labour gov and this awful government having to make many cuts from the public purse, they are broke. If i was them i'd complain.
    Oh the irony.
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