Featured An Army of 50,000 ?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by One_of_the_strange, Dec 5, 2017.

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  1. jrwlynch

    jrwlynch LE Book Reviewer

    Nimrod MR.1 and MR.2, Hawk.

    However, it's very much the case that from the 1960s our ability - or at least willingness - to go it alone on a serious fast-fighty-bomby thing pretty much faded away, though we retain some impressive skills at providing elements like radars, engines, countermeasures...

    There's an interesting argument about TSR.2 - it was designed for a similar mission to the F-111, which did get into service... but was a fragile, expensive tricksy beast requiring a lot of maintenance, and a cynic would suggest that its continued production was largely due to the General Dynamics plant being in John Tower's Fort Worth constituency and Tower then being Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee (so if the annual procurement list didn't include some F-111s it didn't pass...)

    As one wag put it, the reason the USAF operated so many marks of the F-111 in such a short timescale was that it took so long to find one that actually worked: others described "walking along the flight line, listening to the F-111Ds breaking". Many of the problems stemmed from the navigation/attack package, which was still in the conceptual "it'll fit here and surely everything will work just fine?" phase: I'm not sure we'd have had more success with bringing the avionics in TSR.2 into service in any sensible cost and time frame, nor how much better they'd have endured in service than the notoriously cranky kit in aircraft like the A-6A and F-111A.

    We could probably do an all-British fighter in technical terms, but we wouldn't be willing to pay the price in money and time needed...
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  2. Obviously Boris isn't on the same hymn sheet for a 50k Army as the Treasurer! (No real surprise there, as they seem to disagree on most things.)

    'Mr Johnson made the comments following a speech laying out his vision for British foreign policy in the Middle East after Brexit.

    'He said Britain must dare to step back into some of the world’s most intractable conflict zones in the Middle East to avoid decades of further terror and instability, and should seek in boost its military, political, and diplomatic engagement there.'

    Boris Johnson fires warning shot at Theresa May as he says 'whole of UK must take back control' after Brexit
  3. Ever owned a British-designed sports car?:(
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  4. That explains why the dental checks got dispensed with between my first and second mobilisation through RTMC. There are always ways and means to get around embarrassing difficulties.
  5. Should read terms and conditions more carefully on joining then. It is not exactly in small print - early pension and x-factor comes with an enduring liability, you don"t get anything for nothing in government service. IMHO the government should hold people to their deal a bit more rather than wasting money on the TA.
  6. I am with you brother. Warfighting proper was buggered royally many many years ago (about the same time some clever chap came up with the phrase "double earmarking")

    So it does not matter if it is 5000 or 50000. It all went south a long time ago.
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  7. Perhaps you need to start refurbing these:

    Bedford 14 Tonne 001 (2).jpg
  8. Nice. Mess tins though....
  9. Ok

    Regarding BAOR.......
    Early 1970’s three Divs with two square Bdes each
    Wide Horizon 1977-82 (or let’s get rid of Bde HQ and do a half arsed Pentomic structure that failed for the U.S. Army in the late 1950’s early 60’s) four Divs and a Field Force each with five maneuver units.
    1982 till the end........., (shameless self plug)
    I will be doing an update this week, one of my co-authors received from MOD the complete listing of all TA units and their locations.


    (Edited for pre-Wide Horizon)
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  10. Yes, but the big mess tin.

    Better these (on the way south, judging by the weather):

    AEC Mk III Militant 001.jpg
  11. I can't help noticing the talk of fighting the Sov . . Russians in the near future, with an effective force of 50 - 85k.

    Hasn't anyone else noticed that, years ago, Putin et al stated they will use nuclear weapons tactically and locally? What is an effective defence against that, without going strategic, which probably wouldn't happen for Estonia (sorry).
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  12. Or, to really fire the 'that truck' rockets:

    AEC Mk I Knocker 001.jpg
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  13. Hang on a minute - that was our (BAOR) plan. How dare he?
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