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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by One_of_the_strange, Dec 5, 2017.

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  1. jrwlynch

    jrwlynch LE Book Reviewer

    As Dave Barry put it, in one of his "year in review" articles: 'A place called "Chad" defeats Libya in some kind of war. This really happened.' (DAVE BARRY'S CONCISE HISTORY OF 1987)
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  2. Something else I haven't seen mentioned, maybe it has apols if so, is someone having the guts to strip out the MOD and rebuild it with a different mindset and culture.

    Tbf, that could be said of most governmental departments, NHS for example.
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  3. Didnt read this thread more than a few a posts, but I do have an example of cost reduction that works.

    First off, you have to outsource all your procurement for low value, low risk purchases, this includes spec. equipment such as uniforms but any fooker can make them.

    Next is overhead. There is no way, with the number of properties that the MOD occupy can the tip of the spear compete, if you want to compare, lets say a 19k pa rifleman, has the overhead of probably 60-70% to pay for all the shoite the army do, Blackwater (for example) has an overhead of a cloud based database and a religious commune in america...we cannot compete.

    So I am going through this in the private sector and we want to keep the skills (and intellectual property) in house, same as the military, disaster if you outsource it all.

    So.......unless I missed the boat, why are the UK service(folk) so expensive?

    I understand you had the consultants McKinsey in, we did too, it was a $2+ million farce.

    1. Strip out overhead - we dont need offices in London or any capital, rent them out.
    2. Outsource - I know you are doing, our Catering firm Spotless also refuel out FIFO aircraft.
    3. BAE Systems possibly carries as much overhead as the mod. Maybe create a low overhead servicing capability..call me if you want, i did it here.

    In my opinion, we need to keep the tip >80,000 and a surge beyond that. Tax breaks and payments to Reserves/Volunteers as I do wish we had National Service but in place of that, an encouragement from schools and employers to undertake some voluntary National Service with guarantees if they pass.

    Ive bored myself with ideas, night night.
  4. Not sure where your source is getting their information: 1 (BR) Corps ORBAT:
  5. Yet Russia which has a smaller economy, can afford almost 800,000 military personnel. They also outgun us in almost every other area. The problem with the UK's defence spending is over priced military projects. Too many overpaid top brass with gold plated pensions. The third problem is getting involved in overseas adventures which cost countless billions.

    I would would fix this by having a cull of the top brass. We would start building our own World beating military aircraft as we have done in the past. If the Russians can afford it, then so can we! We should also start to design and built our own nuclear weapons as we did when the Americans refused to share their nuclear secrets. There should also be a cull of some MOD personnel who have proven to be incapable of being in charge of billon pound procurement projects. I would also cancel 80% of overseas aid, and cancel the 50 billion pound giveaway Theresa May is giving the EU.
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  6. If I could throw my hat in the ring

    I think its stems from confusion between Army as in "an armed body of men / armed forces of a nation" and a Field army which consists of several corps** a force that would expect to be between 100 - 250K strong

    Ergo if you havent got several Corps you havent an army

    Less of a problem in other languages Air Army (French Airforce) although PLAN is just wrong by any measure

    **Carefully shuffles pages past BAOR
  7. It's almost like pay in the Russian army is a fraction of what a British soldier gets and their idea of military welfare is giving recruits a night off from being pimped out by their training staff, isn't it?

    A Brigadier earns roughly three times what a Corporal does. Even if we sacked everyone above the rank of Lt Col we're not building much of an Army with the money we save.

    We haven't built a world beating military aircraft alone since the 1940s.

    What are we going to build that's better than Typhoon?

    Kind of like the ones we build at Aldermaston?

    Who do we replace them with and are they going to work for what we pay civil servants?

    How does that help the MOD?
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  8. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    How many people work in the MOD at present anyway? It seems to be a big secret.
  9. Really?


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  10. Yes, really.

    While we were finally building a fighter that could break the sound barrier, the Yanks were getting the Phantom into service with a better radar, far more payload, able to fly faster and climb just as quick and it had enough fuel to get over the perimeter fence of it's own airfield without tanker support.

    The Harrier was a light attack aircraft that the Yanks would never have looked at twice if it wasn't for the ability for it to take of and land from the USMC's amphibious ships.

    Neither were 'world beaters'.
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  11. What, in the 70s? With all that "Field Force" and "Task Force" stuff?

    Try Here...
  12. That's really good, but the poster was quoting two brigade divisions
  13. Hawker Hunter? Canberra?

    And I could argue that the Typhoon is effectively British-designed (prime contractors are all UK firms)
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  14. Both 1940s designs.

    Maybe so, but Dave doesn't seem to think so