An army marches on its stomach

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by SWJ.303, Jan 21, 2012.

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  1. Perhaps the Arrse Gods might open a forum entitled 'Shite from the Wail'. Or just post a permanent link to the purveyor of pap.

    At least it may reduce the number of links to crappy specious articles from that bog paper publication.
  2. I think the daily mail is talking bollocks as usual and having to look at the solider mag for their outrage fix. Rations packs have always attracted complaints, thats why they dont stock them at Tescos. Plenty of other food in theatre, alot of the infantry learn how to make their own bread.

    I never once saw anyone with an empty stomach unless they had the shits.
  3. There should be feedback sheets in each carton (containing 10), both the MCRs and the 12 hour were trialled by guys out in Afghan.

    Stocks of the old 24 Hour GP are now pretty much exhausted with roughly only 70,000 left in stock. It may seem a large number but at least 1000 are going out to units for training daily.

    People better get used to them because the new ones are here to stay for the forseeable future.
  4. These rat packs arent new though are they? They (mail) have an outrage article everyday about the military which 90% is obvious shite, they're latest is all about the falklands someone will probably post it later
  5. They could make them from the shiny sheets of bog paper that used to be in the packs - winwin for the MOD, because no pen would be able to lay ink on them. On the other hand, if they included the Daily Wail in rat packs, it would paradoxically be full of shit yet able to absorb more.
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  6. The MCRs aint, however the 12 hour is new(ish)
  7. My day (67-90) had the best ever rat packs.
    May I make a suggestion, that would return quality to the Lads doing the business up the Sharpe End.
    Seems the MP's eat well (House of Commons), so Military Field Rations to be served there until the Troops are happy.

    Sort of incentive that would give fast results.
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  8. Whinging *****, nothing wrong with the food, they changed the menu specifically because of the climate. No one wants the stodge in 50 degree heat.

    Cry baby Sgts that have sufficient time to write to soldier mag about **** all in particular should be bust so as to educate them what's worthwhile crying at and what isn't.
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  9. What dinger said, similar applies here. Plenty of blokes don't cook/brew up for manifold reasons, just one of which is that nobody wants hot food on a stinking hot day. In any case some squaddies/diggers will whinge about the rat packs no matter what's in them.
  10. The museli/porridge is honking mind , the rest is decent enough though
  11. Maybe we should issue those complaining the tinned ration packs from the eighties? That'll learn 'em.
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  12. "You've never had it so good" well rations wise at least. I'd like to suggest that the sgt is writing from the war torn slopes of Tidworth or is inbedded with the crabs but these days who knows.

    This sort of aneurysm can be avoided by not reading the Daily Mail.
  13. Mmmmmm Chicken Curry and Rolos

    To really break them, send out some of the old arctic ration packs, dehydrated mutton anyone?

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  14. Well he's certainly not worried about going out on patrol is he.