An Army Barmy 7 yr old grandson!!! Needs a cap badge!

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by michaelruston, Mar 29, 2010.

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  1. My Army barmy 7 yr old grandson was bought for his birthday a red, green, and black beret!! He wears his full kit at every opportunity! Unfortunately he lost MY fathers capbadge circa 1947 GIIR at a school fancy dress - I can cope with that :-( but he cannot cope without having a capbadge - if any of you have a spare capbdge knocking around please pm me - I will give you my address to send it to! Having a badge for EACH of his berets would be brill!

    Cummon mates! I've been all over the market and found nothing!


  2. Really?
  3. Any preference for Regiment?
  4. Gods'onest truth!

    He cried for hours when he lost mine!
  5. So long as it is a capbadge! I am ex -RE - his father - curently in Afganistan is RLC - but a cap badge is a cap badge when you are 7!
  6. You can have my old Engineers badge, my spare REME and a soon to be stolen Smurf lid and cap badge if you like. :) (If I can find them.) Anything else you're after while I'm on the prowl?
  7. He has a minituarised set of fighting order lol! Full 7 yr old combat and Afgan uniform - loads of posters etc on his bedroom wall - he has helped me during my booksigning gigs wearing a Combat Stress T-Shirt and collecting money for that very worthy cause! (£80 recently). His father is currently in Afgan! Whatever you no longer wish to hold on too he would treasure - I would be happy to reimburse any postage!

    Kind REgards

  8. Pm me fella
  9. pm'd
  10. I can end you an RE capbadge and a couple of RE EOD badges if you like?
  11. Need and want are very different things. It's important to instil this lesson at a young age. He WANTS a capbadge, yet NEEDS oxygen to survive. May I suggest you place a plastic bag over his head in order to clarify this very important distinction for him?
  12. I am very very glad that that YOU are not my grandfather SPAZ!!
  13. Thank you Wedge35 = very grateful
  14. I have an old RLC badge kicking about as had to join through an RLC reg. PM me if intersted
  15. If you're still interested I have a PWRR bronze capbadge I can send you :)